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4601. Elaborating in the INDC context

4602. The Inscription of Technology in Life

4603. India’s Sustainable Development Led Approach to Climate Mitigation for Paris

4604. An Excerpt from the Upcoming Book - Borderless Wars: Civil-Military Disorder and Legal Uncertainty

4605. Nip It in the Bud: Disrupting Insurgent Financial Networks Before They Take Root

4606. Trading Security: A Case Study on Maritime Security Decision Points in the Context of Global Trade

4607. Privateers! Their History and Future

4608. Full Issue: Emerging Domains of Security

4609. Counter-Piracy as a Model for an Arctic Task Force: An Opportunity for International Cooperation

4610. Strategic Blindspots: Essentializing, Securitizing, and Empowering Women and Men to Counter Violent Extremism

4611. European Climate and Energy Policy: The Challenges Ahead

4612. Triggering Increased City-Level Public Finance for Pro-Poor Sanitation Improvements

4613. A Post-2015 Local Governance Agenda

4614. The Role of Human Rights in Countering Violent Extremism

4615. How to Dismantle the Business of Human Trafficking

4616. Civil Liberties vs. State Security in Historical Perspective

4617. Data Intelligence for 21st Century Water Management: A Report from the 2015 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum

4618. The New Pricing Reality in Global Oil and Gas Markets

4619. Reforming American Public Diplomacy

4620. El Nino: The case for urgent action

4621. Extreme Carbon Inequality: Why the Paris climate deal must put the poorest, lowest emitting and most vulnerable people first

4622. Implementing the Forest Rights Act: Lack of political will?

4623. Game-Changers in the Paris Climate Deal: What is needed to ensure a new agreement helps those on the front lines of climate change

4624. ECOWAP: A Fragmented Policy. Development partners and regional institutions should address leadership and coordination issues in order to build a common agricultural policy for West Africa

4625. International Organizations vs. Terrorism

4626. The New Innovator’s Commercialization Dilemma

4627. Toward a Social Compact for Digital Privacy and Security

4628. Just Enough, Just in Time: Improving Sovereign Debt Restructuring for Creditors, Debtors and Citizens

4629. Corporate Debt in Emerging Economies: A Threat to Financial Stability?

4630. Next Steps for the G20: Turkey 2015

4631. The End of the Beginning: Paris COP 2015

4632. Central Banks Can and Should Do Their Part in Funding Sustainability

4633. Climate Technology Partnerships: Form, Function and Impact

4634. The 2015 Survey of Progress in International Economic Governance

4635. The Digital Trade Imbalance and Its Implications for Internet Governance

4636. The EU’s New Climate Target: Contribution to a Successful Deal in Paris

4637. Morals in International Politics

4638. If You Want Peace, Prepare for Peace: Reflections Amid the Current Political Crisis

4639. Strategy and Grand Strategy: What Students and Practitioners Need to Know

4640. Strategic Insights: Economic Power: Time to Double Down

4641. Confidence Building in Cyberspace: A Comparison of Territorial and Weapons-Based Regimes

4642. Constructing Quality: Producer Power, Market Organization, and the Politics of High Value-Added Markets.

4643. Quality of Government and the Relationship between Natural Disasters and Child Poverty: A Comparative Analysis.

4644. How the Eurobarometer Blurs the Line between Research and Propaganda

4645. Bringing Power Back In: A Review of the Literature on the Role of Business in Welfare State Politics.

4646. The Rise of the European Consolidation State

4647. Culture’s Influence: Regionally Differing Social Milieus and Variations in Fertility Rates.

4648. The UN Peacebuilding Architecture: Institutional Evolution in Context

4649. Peacebuilding and Institution-building

4650. The Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals: a historic opportunity