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4452. Food Security in Jordan

4453. Infrastructure, Attitude and Weather: Today's Threats to Supply Chain Security

4454. Finance for Climate Resilience in the Dawn of the Paris Era

4455. A Critical Year for Humanitarianism

4456. Let the Sunshine In An Assessment of the Open Government Partnership

4457. The Flow of Foreign Fighters to the Islamic State

4458. From Negotiation to Fulfillment: The First U.N. Climate Conferences of the Paris Era

4459. Food Security and Climate Change: New Frontiers in International Security

4460. Agriculture and the Paris Agreement

4461. A Better Approach to Fragile States

4462. A Smarter Dimension of a New Universal Climate Agreement?

4463. State Legitimacy, Fragile States, and U.S. National Security

4464. Pandemic Declarations of the World Health Organization as an Exercise of International Public Authority: The Possible Legal Answers to Frictions Between Legitimacies

4465. vSoft Authority against Hard Cases of Racially Discriminating Speech: Why the CERD Committee Needs a Margin of Appreciation Doctrine

4466. The UN Declaration on the Rule of Law and the Application of the Rule of Law to the UN: A Reconstruction From an International Public Authority Perspective

4467. Towards a New International Law of the Atmosphere?

4468. Law as an Antidote? Assessing the Potential of International Health Law Based on the Ebola-Outbreak 2014

4469. The Use of Scholarship by the WTO Appellate Body

4470. The Evolution of Arms Control Instruments and the Potential of the Arms Trade Treaty

4471. Combating Illegal Fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone – Flag State Obligations in the Context of the Primary Responsibility of the Coastal State

4472. A Functional Approach to Violent Radicalization. Building a Systemic Model Based on a Real Case

4473. What Does New Momentum For UN Peace and Security Really Mean

4474. Demystifying Intelligence in UN Peace Operations: Toward An Organizational Doctrine

4475. The Challenges of Full Deployment of UN Peace Operations

4476. No Caveats, Please? Breaking a Myth in UN Peace Operations

4477. Has UN Peacekeeping Become More Deadly

4478. Defining Down Sovereignty: The Rights and Responsibilities of Nations

4479. Equality as a Global Goal

4480. Ending Statelessness Through Belonging: A Transformative Agenda?

4481. Many Worlds, Many Theories, Many Rules: Formulating an Ethical System for the World to Come

4482. Towards the Global Study of International Relations

4483. Many worlds, many nature(s), one planet: indigenous knowledge in the Anthropocene

4484. State Building Interventions in Post Cold War Period: A Critique of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ and ‘Humanitarianism'

4485. Resisting Necro-biographies

4486. Volume 66 Issue 1

4487. Volume 66 Issue 2

4488. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Climate Change & Policy

4489. The Political Economy of Industrial Policy

4490. Barrington Moore’da Siyasal Değişme | Political Change in Barrington Moore

4491. Will the cities of the future work for everyone?

4492. How can we better serve urban refugees?

4493. Olympics remind us of the importance of local governance

4494. Six lessons on what works in supporting women-owned businesses

4495. To foster sustainable development, cities need data—and permission to use it

4496. Putting politics into international development? It’s about time

4497. Replacing Something Bad With Something Worse: Why Biometric Authentication Will Be So Creepy

4498. Assessing the Governance Practices of Sustainability Reporting

4499. Anti-Corruption Measures in Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity: Key Legislative Aspects

4500. Comparative Regional Patterns in Electoral Gender Quota Adoption: A Social Network Approach