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251. Future Bioterror and Biowarfare Threats for NATO's Armed Forces until 2030

252. Colonel John Boyd's Thoughts on Disruption A Useful Effects Spiral from Uncertainty to Chaos

253. Future Warfare and Responsibility Management in the AI-based Military Decision-making Process

254. PART II: Whale Songs of Wars Not Yet Waged: The Demise of Natural-Born Killers through Human-Machine Teamings Yet to Come

255. PART I: The Singleton Paradox On the Future of Human-Machine Teaming and Potential Disruption of War Itself

256. Paradigm Shifts in Macrosociology

257. Top Wealth and Its Historical Origins: An Analysis of Germany’s Largest Privately Held Fortunes in 2019

258. Towards a Global Framework for a Public Good to Reduce Information and Labour Market Gaps

259. Themes of COP28

260. Climate Financing

261. Equitable Investment: Dei Budget Recommendations for Nonprofits

262. Opaque and Pervasive: Microaggressions in Peace and Security

263. Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements through Data Co-production

264. Managing the financial impact of cybersecurity incidents

265. Trojan spoofing: A threat to critical infrastructure

266. Leadership in police work applied to critical contexts: An integrative review and scientific mapping using VOSviewer and Google Trends tools

267. Logistics outsourcing for armed forces: The mobilisation of civilian transportation vehicles

268. Mapping the Cloud: Big Tech Taking the Sky by Storm

269. Rentiership and Intellectual Monopoly in Contemporary Capitalism: Conceptual Challenges and Empirical Possibilities

270. Same End By Different Means: Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta’s Strategies to Organize Their Frontier AI Innovation Systems

271. The International Monetary Fund and Neonatal Mortality Rates, 1985-2018

272. Exchange Rate Arrangements: Fix, Float, or Manage?

273. Structural Changes and Dominance of Finance in Contemporary Capitalism

274. Optimal Inflation Targeting With Anchoring

275. The Crisis of Capitalism, the Noun

276. Federal Reserve Monetary Policy and Wealth Inequality

277. HIV, Hepatitis & Drug Policy Reform

278. Financing Women, Peace and Security: A Review of WPS National Action Plans from 2005 to 2022

279. Framework to Decolonize Child & Youth Philanthropy

280. Global Resources Report: A Francophone Perspective

281. What Role for Aid for Trade in (Deep) PTA Relations? Empirical Evidence from Gravity Model Estimations

282. The Role of Social Protection in Environmental Fiscal Reforms

283. Development Finance at a Turning Point: Effects and Policy Recommendations

284. Green Jobs and the City: Towards a Just Transition in Developing Countries

285. Strengthening Social Cohesion in Conflict-Affected Societies: Potential, Patterns and Pitfalls

286. Refugee-led Organisations and Intersectionality: Feminist Development Policy in the Lives of Refugees

287. Implementation of the WTO Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement: Identification of Reform Needs and Development Policy Measures

288. Health Financing in Times of Multiple Crises: Analysis and Recommendations

289. Climate (Im)mobility in Urban Contexts: From Recognition to Action

290. Children in Refugee Camps and Their Role in Refugee–Host Community Integration

291. The Future of Climate and Development Finance: Balancing Separate Accounting with Integrated Policy Responses

292. Trade and Climate Change: How to Design Better Climate-Related Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements

293. The BEPS Project: Achievements and Remaining Challenges

294. Governing the Ocean

295. A Strategic Framework for Helping Prevent Massa Atrocities

296. The Effects of Robotization on Foreign Direct Investment

297. Individualism and Political Stability

298. The Relationship between COVID-19 Entry Restrictions and Immigration

299. Decoding Financial Crises: Analyzing Predictors and Evolution

300. The E-Commerce and Global Value Chains