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101. Fotoğraf Disiplininde Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı Kavramının Ayrımı ve Algılanması

102. A Conceptual Take on Transnational Families: Atypical Families from a Distance

103. Sporda Beyaz Yakalı Çalışanların Örgütsel Sinizm, Örgütsel Adalet ve Örgütsel Muhalefet Düzeylerinin Örgütsel Bağlılığa Etkisi*

104. Prior Rebel Experience Of Leaders And Its Influence On Physical Integrity Rights

105. Transatlantic Trends 2023: Public Opinion in a Shifting Global Order

106. The Fate of the State in a Changing World

107. Evolution of the World Order and Russia’s Ideas About the Outside World

108. Book Review: Javier Blas and Jack Farchy, The World for Sale: Money, Power, and the Traders Who Barter the Earth’s Resources (Oxford University Press, 2021)

109. Book Review: Joseph McQuade, A Genealogy of Terrorism: Colonial Law and the Origins of an Idea (Cambridge University Press, 2021) & Alice Martini, The UN and Counter-Terrorism: Global Hegemonies, Power and Identities (Routledge, 2021)

110. Book Review: Sebastian Rosato, Intentions in Great Power Politics: Uncertainty and the Roots of Conflict (Yale University Press, 2021)

111. Is Feminist Foreign Policy driving progress for women’s representation in diplomacy?

112. Pandemic-era Inflation Drivers and Global Spillovers

113. How Pratham Learns While Scaling: A Case Study of Adaptive Design and Evaluation

114. What Combination of Features Are Associated With Scalable and Sustainable Last-Mile Service Delivery Models? A Qualitative Comparative Analysis

115. Process and Implementation Evaluations: A Primer

116. Estimation of Nonlinear Exchange Rate Dynamics in Evolving Regimes

117. Adaptive Evaluation: A Complexity-Based Approach to Systematic Learning for Innovation and Scaling in Development

118. Stepping Up Our Climate Diplomacy

119. How Climate Diplomacy is a Pillar of Efforts to Address Climate Change

120. The Role of US Diplomacy in a Changing World

121. The World After the War: Rebuilding an International Order After the Conflict in Ukraine – A DACOR Conference

122. Grayzone Aggression: The Need for Deterrence by Denia

123. Outer Space, Information Warfare, and the Truth

124. Plurilateral Controls and a New Export Control Regime are Needed to Make Export Controls More Effective and Less Counterproductive

125. Druk (2020) Movie as an Example of Authentic Way of Being: A Heideggerian Approach

126. Theoretical Reviewing Of Overlapping Consensus In The Context Of Abortion Debate

127. Mali Suçlarla Mücadelede Mali İstihbaratın Rolünün Değerlendirilmesi

128. Cyber-Nuclear Weapons: Impact on the Modern Warfare Landscape

129. The Core Constituents in the Process of National Integration: A Thematic Study

130. Causes and Effects of Water and Environmental Pollution: A Way Forward

131. Security Paradigm in the Age of Mass Surveillance

132. A Framework for Action for the Responsibility to Protect: A Resource for States

133. Future Bioterror and Biowarfare Threats for NATO's Armed Forces until 2030

134. Colonel John Boyd's Thoughts on Disruption A Useful Effects Spiral from Uncertainty to Chaos

135. Future Warfare and Responsibility Management in the AI-based Military Decision-making Process

136. PART II: Whale Songs of Wars Not Yet Waged: The Demise of Natural-Born Killers through Human-Machine Teamings Yet to Come

137. PART I: The Singleton Paradox On the Future of Human-Machine Teaming and Potential Disruption of War Itself

138. Paradigm Shifts in Macrosociology

139. Top Wealth and Its Historical Origins: An Analysis of Germany’s Largest Privately Held Fortunes in 2019

140. Towards a Global Framework for a Public Good to Reduce Information and Labour Market Gaps

141. Themes of COP28

142. Climate Financing

143. Equitable Investment: Dei Budget Recommendations for Nonprofits

144. Opaque and Pervasive: Microaggressions in Peace and Security

145. Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements through Data Co-production

146. Managing the financial impact of cybersecurity incidents

147. Trojan spoofing: A threat to critical infrastructure

148. Leadership in police work applied to critical contexts: An integrative review and scientific mapping using VOSviewer and Google Trends tools

149. Logistics outsourcing for armed forces: The mobilisation of civilian transportation vehicles

150. Mapping the Cloud: Big Tech Taking the Sky by Storm