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501. Prioritizing Public Spending on Health in Lower-Income Countries: The Role of the Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents

502. Covid Döneminde Finansal Varlıklar Arasındaki Nedensellik Farklılaşması (Causality Differentiation Between Financial Assets During COVID Era)

503. AI Startups and the Fight Against Mis/Disinformation Online: An Update

504. NATO’s Role in Global Cyber Security

505. AI Audit-Washing and Accountability

506. Commitment to Control Weaponised Artificial Intelligence: A Step Forward for the OSCE and European Security

507. Blockchain Technology: An Innovative Policy Tool for Enhancing Conventional Arms Control and Verification

508. Government Internet Shutdowns Are Changing. How Should Citizens and Democracies Respond?

509. Tracking Funding for VAW Research In LMICS

510. Funding Ethically: Better Funding for Violence Against Women and Violence Against Children Research in Lower and Middle Income Countries

511. Primer on International Investment Treaties and Investor-State Dispute Settlement

512. Unlocking the Power of Reformers to Achieve Better Progress on Extractives Governance

513. PLUS Politics: Tackling the EIA Impact Gap

514. Retail Central Bank Digital Currency: Has Its Time Come?

515. The Causes and Consequences of Refugee Flows: A Contemporary Re-Analysis

516. Creating an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Financing

517. Making Energy Resilient: State Strategies, Progress, and Opportunities

518. Taking Stock of Early Warning for Atrocity Prevention: Report from the 2021 Sudikoff Interdisciplinary Seminar on Genocide Prevention

519. Boom-bust Cycles Revisited: The Role of Credit Supply

520. Changes, Challenges and Implications of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Directions in the Post Pandemic Era

521. COVID-19 and Global Value Chain

522. Impacts of New International Tax System on Multinational Firms’ FDI

523. Immigrants and COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

524. The Winding Road to Marrakech: Lessons from the European Negotiations of the Global Compact for Migration

525. Coming Together or Coming Apart? A New Phase of International Cooperation on Migration

526. Spring 2022 edition of Strategic Visions


528. On the Horizon Vol. 4: A Collection of Papers from the Next Generation of Nuclear Professionals

529. Opportunities for Increased Multilateral Engagement with B3W

530. Reducing Methane Emissions from Global Gas

531. Patents, Pandemics, and the Private Sector: The Battle Over Public Health Norms During COVID-19

532. The Future of Digital Evidence Authentication at the International Criminal Court

533. Multilateral Trade Arrangements and Climate Provisions

534. Convergence and Divergence: Multilateral Trade and Climate Agendas

535. Decarbonizing Aluminum: Rolling Out a More Sustainable Sector

536. Creating Accountability for Global Cyber Norms

537. Design to Live: Everyday Inventions from a Refugee Camp

538. Starr Forum: Governing the Unpredictable: Disasters, the State, and Futures

539. Fact Sheet: Global Demonstrations Against the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

540. The Military Use of Small Satellites in Orbit

541. Shift to renewable energy could be a mixed blessing for mineral exporters

542. From Political Islam to the Politics of Islam

543. The international financial system after COVID-19

544. Socioeconomic diversity of economics PhDs

545. WTO 2025: Restoring binding dispute settlement

546. WTO 2025: Enhancing global trade intelligence

547. WTO 2025: Getting back to the negotiating table

548. WTO 2025: Constructing an executive branch

549. South Korea's Public Diplomacy during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Seeking Status as an Authority in Global Governance

550. The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom