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451. Fragile States Index 2022 – Annual Report

452. Decrypting Crypto: Cryptocurrencies and the Quantum Computer Threat

453. Imperial Preference

454. Balancing Conventional and Hybrid Threats in (Future) State Competition

455. Transparency in multilateral climate governance: Ranking countries by the Climate Transparency Adherence Index

456. Western financial warfare and Russia’s de-dollarization strategy: How sanctions on Russia might reshape the global financial system

457. Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction as a Radical Departure: New Paradigm for Analyzing Capitalism

458. Polanyi, Market Fundamentalism, and the Institutional Structure of Capitalism

459. Energy in a World in Transition: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives

460. The OSCE and a 21st century spirit of Helsinki: Opportunities to shift security back to the people

461. Re-securitizing climate: From ‘climate security’ to ‘ecology of peace’?

462. Digital resilience beyond data localisation: National approaches to global challenges

463. Large-Scale Land Deals and Social Conflict: Evidence and Policy Implications

464. Sustaining Civic Space in Times of COVID-19: Global Trends

465. The return of inflation: Can we protect real incomes?

466. Policy Options for an Equitable Re-globalization

467. Artificial Intelligence and Arms Control

468. Risk-Limiting Audits: A Guide for Election Observation Efforts

469. May 2022 Issue

470. April 2022 Issue

471. They melted down our tanks, we are creating the strongest power in the region – militarist narratives serving the purpose of state capturing

472. Fostering constructive relations Approaches to trust-building in peacebuilding interventions

473. Mediating the political transformation of non-state armed groups Workshop report

474. Exploring Short-term Solutions to the Global Gas Crisis

475. Impact of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): A Global Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Simulation

476. Climate Finance Effectiveness: Six Challenging Trends

477. A Global Development Paradigm for a World in Crisis

478. Building a Portfolio of Pull Financing Mechanisms for Climate and Development

479. Costing Healthcare Services Using Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Data Collection and Analysis

480. Do Cash Transfers Deter Migration?

481. The ABCs of Sovereign Debt Relief

482. Reforming the World Bank and MDBs to Meet Shared Global Challenges

483. The Next Game Changers: A Priority Innovation Agenda for Global Health

484. Is There a Better Way to Use Global Reserves?

485. What’s the Best Way to Bolster the IMF’s Capacity to Lend to Low-Income Countries?

486. Why and How Development Agencies Facilitate Labor Migration

487. Breakthrough to Policy Use: Reinvigorating Impact Evaluation for Global Development

488. Leveraging Knowledge Generation for Policy Impact: Recommendations for the World Bank

489. Mainstreaming Evidence Use through Locally Led Development: Recommendations for USAID

490. Breakthrough to Policy Use Reinvigorating Impact Evaluation for Global Development

491. A Package of Reforms for Financing Pandemic Preparedness and Response for the G7

492. Let Them Eat Carbon

493. Assessment of Expenditure Choices by Low- and Low- Middle-Income Countries During the Pandemic and Their Impact on SDGs

494. Girls’ Education and Women’s Equality: How to Get More out of the World’s Most Promising Investment

495. A Fund for Global Health Security and Pandemic Preparedness

496. Schooling for All: Feasible Strategies to Achieve Universal Education

497. Development Effectiveness in the “New Normal”: What Do the Changing Roles and Purposes of ODA Mean for the Effectiveness Agenda?

498. Domestic Revenue Mobilization and Debt Relief: The Lack of Any Link

499. Country Platforms and Delivery of Global Public Goods

500. IDB COVID-19 Response Projects and Gender Integration