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1. How Sweden Can Use its EU Presidency to Build the Civilian Security Dimension of the Eastern Partnership

2. Economic Priorities in Post-war Ukraine

3. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

4. The Russian-Ukrainian War: An Opportunity to Strengthen the AfCFTA

5. EU Energy Security & the Maghreb

6. Reasons for the West’s Hatred of Russia

7. Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine: Concept, Ideology, Objectives, Means, Consequences

8. European Security and Defence: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

9. The War against Ukraine and Russia’s Position in Europe’s Security Order

10. Turkey vis-à-vis Russia’s War against Ukraine

11. Diplomacy and the War against Ukraine

12. The War against Ukraine and Its Lessons for NATO Militaries: Food for Thought

13. The Existential Value of Ukraine’s Freedom

14. Italy’s Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

15. Reach for the Stars: Bridging Italy’s Potential in Space with Its Foreign and Security Policy

16. Small-scale LNG in the Euro-Mediterranean: A Contribution to the Decarbonisation of the Maritime Sector

17. Citizens’ Perceptions on Public Safety and Threats to National Security in Kosovo

18. Fossil Fuel Industry Phase-Out and Just Transition: Designing Policies to Protect Workers’ Living Standards

19. The Political Economy of the Cost of Living Crisis in the UK: What Is to Be Done?

20. Environmental Inequality in Industrial Brownfields: Evidence from French Municipalities

21. Toward Inclusive Recovery in Ukraine: Engaging Women and Civil Society in Ukraine’s Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction

22. Can Israel mediate an end to the Ukraine war?

23. Turkey’s Rift with Sweden and Finland

24. The Future of EU Blended Finance and Guarantees: An Assessment of Cooperation Strategies with Least Developed Countries in Africa

25. Towards a Seat at the Table: How an Initiative of Cities Got Their Voices Heard during Germany’s 2022 G7 Presidency

26. Beyond European extraterritoriality, for legal intelligence and compliance in the service of sovereignty: A response to the extraterritoriality of foreign laws to safeguard fundamental European values

27. European energy solidarity: strengthening the EU’s crisibility

28. Can the EU still wrest the Balkans from their blighted history?

29. Geopolitical and Technocratic: EU International Actorness and Anne PINTSCH Russia’s War Against Ukraine

30. Europe as a power: now or never

31. Gender equality in Europe: a still imperfect model in the world

32. Rule of law: the uncertain gamble on conditionality

33. A return to grace for nuclear power in European public opinion? Some elements of a rapid paradigm shift

34. Judging Putin

35. The European Union and the war in Ukraine: the liberal power and its limits

36. Digital Sovereignty: For a Schuman Data Plan

37. The Élysée Treaty, FrancoGerman reconciliation and European integration: myth and reality


39. Russia’s Ukraine Revanchism: Dugin, Neo-Eurasianism, and the Emerging World Order

40. The Strategic Repositioning of LNG: Implications for Key Trade Routes and Choke Points

41. China/United States: Europe off Balance

42. Higher Renewable Energy Targets in Germany: How Will the Industry Benefit?

43. Rebooting the Entente: An Agenda for Renewed UK-France Defense Cooperation

44. Food Systems in the Pacific: Addressing Challenges in Cooperation with Europe

45. Imagining Beyond the Imaginary. The Use of Red Teaming and Serious Games in Anticipation and Foresight

46. Digital Sovereignty: European Policies, American Dilemmas

47. How the War in Ukraine is Changing the Space Game

48. The Europeanisation of the Energy Transition in Central and Eastern EU Countries: An Uphill Battle that Can Be Won

49. European Democracy Support Annual Review 2022

50. Leveraging Lives: Serbia and Illegal Tunisian Migration to Europe

51. Rethinking the EU’s Approach to Women’s Rights in Iran

52. Will the Invasion of Ukraine Change Russia-Africa Relations?

53. War in Ukraine: One Year On, Nowhere Safe

54. The Normalization of Political Violence and the 2023 Legislative Elections in Greece

55. Why the proposed Brussels buyers club to procure critical minerals is a bad idea

56. The international tax agreement of 2021: Why it’s needed, what it does, and what comes next?

57. Economic sanctions against Russia: How effective? How durable?

58. Industrial policy for electric vehicle supply chains and the US-EU fight over the Inflation Reduction Act

59. Rallying Around the Flag: War Challenges and Civic Mobilization in UkraineRallying Around the Flag: War Challenges and Civic Mobilization in Ukraine

60. Europe: Country fact sheet

61. Forced migration, aid effectiveness, and the humanitarian–development nexus: The case of Germany’s P4P programme

62. Welfare losses, preferences for redistribution, and political participation: Evidence from the United Kingdom’s age of austerity

63. European aid to the MENA region after the Arab uprisings: A window of opportunity missed

64. The violent legacy of fascism: Neofascist political violence in Italy, 1969–88

65. ‘Ten pound touts’: post-conflict trust and the legacy of counterinsurgency in Northern Ireland

66. Harnessing allied space capabilities

67. Integrating US and allied capabilities to ensure security in space

68. Beyond launch: Harnessing allied space capabilities for exploration purposes

69. Kazakhstan could lead Central Asia in mitigating the world’s energy and food shortages

70. Undermining Ukraine: How the Kremlin employs information operations to erode global confidence in Ukraine

71. Implementing NATO’s Strategic Concept on China

72. China and the new globalization

73. Authoritarian kleptocrats are thriving on the West’s failures. Can they be stopped?

74. Impact of economic sanctions on net commodity-producing and net commodity-consuming countries

75. Strategic Survival in Syria

76. Building Resilience? The Cybersecurity, Economic & Trade Impacts of Cloud Immunity Requirements

77. The Economic Dividend of Competitiveness

78. Building a Mature UK Trade Policy

79. In Support of Market-Driven Standards

80. What is Wrong with Europe’s Shattered Single Market? – Lessons from Policy Fragmentation and Misdirected Approaches to EU Competition Policy

81. Reforming Standard Essential Patents: Trade, Specialisation, and International Jurisprudence

82. Strategic Autonomy and the Competitiveness of Europe’s Innovative Pharmaceutical Sector: A Wake-up Call

83. Trade and Competitiveness: Putting the Firm at the Centre of the Analysis

84. Increasing Systemic Legal Risks in the EU: The Economic Impacts of Changes to the EU’s Product Liability Legislation

85. The Putin Doctrine: What is it? The Russian Strategic Issue and the Enlarged National Security

86. Refugees Revitalizing Emptied Spain

87. Starr Forum: Ukraine and Russia One Year On: The Domestic Impact of the War

88. Centralization in National High-Performance Sports Systems: Reasons, Processes, Dimensions, Characteristics, and Open Questions

89. Erdoğan's Re-election as President Raises Concerns among Allies

90. EU-South Korea Extend Cooperation Beyond the Economy

91. What is the Significance of Prigozhin's Revolt for Russian Security Policy?

92. EU Development Cooperation Policy Shifts from Charity to Self-interest

93. Using Frozen Russian Assets to Rebuild Ukraine: Possibilities for the EU

94. Businesses, EU Strengthening International Supply Chains

95. South Africa-Russia Maintain Special Relations

96. Triggering the Rule-of-Law Conditionality Mechanism against Hungary

97. Refugees from Ukraine Adapting to the European Labour Market

98. China Adapts Policy in Response to Russia's Aggression Against Ukraine

99. With Charisma, Stick, and Carrot: Reviewing the Effectiveness of EU Climate Diplomacy

100. Climate Protection Litigation on the Rise