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1. Promoting the Inclusion of Europe’s Migrants and Minorities in Arts and Culture

2. China, Europe, and the Pandemic Recession: Beijing’s Investments and Transatlantic Security


4. The European Union renews its offensive against US technology firms

5. Fiscal support and monetary vigilance: Economic policy implications of the Russia-Ukraine war for the European Union

6. Prosperity and Resilience: Diverse Production and Comparative Advantage in Modern Economies

7. The Road to Low-Carbon Economies in the EU's Arab Neighbourhood

8. The Impact of the Russian Aggression Against Ukraine on the EU's Economy

9. Brexit and beyond

10. Fostering digital connectivity in and with the Indo-Pacific

11. The day after: The conflicting implications of Brexit

12. Appeasement and Autonomy: Armenian-Russian relations from revolution to war

13. China’s FDI in Europe and Europe’s Policy Response

14. Do gendered laws matter for women’s economic empowerment?

15. Turkey: The European Union’s Adversarial Partner

16. China After Covid-19: Economic Revival and Challenges to the World

17. COVID-19 and the Demand for Labor and Skills in Europe: Early Evidence and Implications for Migration Policy

18. Taking the Long View: Options for Inclusive Post-Pandemic Labor Markets

19. Burning ambition: Egypt’s return to regional leadership and how Europe should respond

20. Home advantage: How China’s protected market threatens Europe’s economic power

21. Turkey’s African adventure: Taking stock of a new chapter in EU-Turkey relations

22. The European Green Deal: How to turn ambition into action

23. Rethinking EU economic governance: The European Semester

24. Germany and the World of Yesterday

25. The EU One Year after the Covid-19 Outbreak: An Italian-German Perspective

26. In support of European Apprenticeships “Only the interest of the trainees counts”

27. Can EU carbon border adjustment measures propel WTO climate talks?

28. How the rest of the world responds to the US-China split

29. From SMEs to Unicorns: What Role for Trade, Standards and New Tech?

30. EU and Mercosur in the Twenty-First Century: Taking Stock of the Economic and Cultural Ties

31. Ukraine’s Policy Towards Turkey

32. The Great Lockdown: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Global Economy

33. From Strategic Autonomy to the Internationalization of the Euro: Europe's Challenges and the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

34. Beyond Coronabonds: A New Constituent for Europe


36. Occupational change, artificial intelligence and the geography of EU labour markets

37. Should Denmark and Sweden join the banking Union?

38. Greening the recovery by greening the fiscal consolidation

39. An effective economic response to the Coronavirus in Europe

40. COVID-19’s reality shock for external-funding dependent emerging economies

41. The next phase of digitalization in Central and Eastern Europe: 2020 and beyond

42. Brexit and the consequences for fisheries management in the North Sea

43. What would no deal mean?

44. Revisited: What would ‘trading on WTO terms’ mean?

45. Brexit: what next?

46. Covid 19 and post Brexit migration policy

47. China’s Response to Climate Change: A Study in Contrasts and a Policy at a Crossroads

48. The Chinese Communist Party’s coercive diplomacy

49. The new China consensus: How Europe is growing wary of Beijing

50. Defending Europe’s Economic Sovereignty: new ways to resist economic coercion