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1. The Army and Sea Control: Reconsidering Maritime Strategy in the Twenty-first Century

2. Microchips and Semiconductors: The U.S. Seeks Autonomy

3. China’s National ETS and the Power Market: How the ETS Can Achieve Significant Emission Reductions

4. U.S. Trade Policy toward China: Learning the Right Lessons

5. Financial Development in Hong Kong and China: A Hayekian Perspective

6. Changes in the Regional Structure of China's Domestic Market and Implications

7. Collateral benefits? South Korean exports to the United States and the US-China trade war

8. Transatlantic tools: Harmonizing US and EU approaches to China

9. Xi Jinping’s Evergrande Dilemma

10. Directions of Innovation Policy: Contrasting Views of China and the US

11. Melons as Lemons: Asymmetric Information, Consumer Learning and Seller Reputation

12. Home advantage: How China’s protected market threatens Europe’s economic power

13. New Silk Road - China’s Grand Strategy and Georgia

14. The (Im-)Possibility of Rational Socialism: Mises in China’s Market Reform Debate

15. Regulated Market, Trapped Workers: The Impacts of the "Tolerant and Prudent" Policy on Labour Precarity in China’s Online Ridehailing Sector

16. The State-Constituted Market Economy: A Conceptual Framework for China’s State–Market Relations

17. Collective Reputation in Trade: Evidence from the Chinese Dairy Industry

18. How does China fare on the Russian market? Implications for the European Union

19. Fair competition put into practice

20. Trade trends show China should take the opportunity to diversify its market

21. China’s economy seeks bottom amid downward pressure in 2019

22. Petro Dollar. Petro Yuan. Petro Rupee?

23. China's plans and direction for further opening-up

24. “Triple punch” policies to bring years of trade tensions

25. Opinion: China International Import Expo: New era, shared future

26. China will further open up but not due to US pressure

27. A Deeper Look at China’s “Going Out” Policy

28. Beyond Manufacturing: Developing the Service Sector to Drive Growth in the PRC

29. S-Japan Relations and Southeast Asia: Meeting Regional Demands

30. From Catching Up to Forging Ahead in Advanced Manufacturing—Reflections on China’s Future of Jobshina's Evolving Role in Latin America: Can it Be a Win-Win?

31. Beyond Manufacturing: Developing the Service Sector to Drive Growth in the PRC

32. Signaling Legitimacy to Foreign Investors: Evidence from Chinese IPOs on U.S. Markets.

33. Responding to Uncertainty: Syndication Partner Choice by Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China.

34. Maintaining Financial Stability in the People's Republic of China during Financial Liberalization

35. The ASEAN Economic Community: What Stands in the Way?

36. China’s Hidden Obstacles to Socioeconomic Rebalancing

37. China's energy demands: are they reshaping the world?

38. From Catching Up to Forging Ahead? China's Prospects in Semiconductors

39. The State-owned Enterprises Issue in China's Prospective Trade Negotiations

40. The Effect of Index Futures Trading on Volatility: Three Markets for Chinese Stocks

41. The Impact of Trading with China on Botswana’s Economy

42. The global economy: Healing or still hurting?

43. The Hyperglobalization of Trade and Its Future

44. China's Credit Boom: New Risks Require New Reforms

45. Crucial Collaborators or Petty Players? The Globalization of R and the Rise of China and India

46. Stabilizing Properties of Flexible Exchange Rates: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis

47. Go out and manufacture: Policy support for Chinese FDI in Africa

48. The Emergence of China in the Middle East

49. Freeing the Global Market: How to Boost the Economy by Curbing Regulatory Distortions

50. A new economic nationalism? Lessons from the PotashCorp decision in Canada

51. China: Industry Forecast

52. Retail 2022: How the Economist Intelligence Unit sees the retail landscape changing over the next decade

53. Pharmaceutical Price Regulation: Macro-Level Evidence from China between 1997 and 2008

54. Africa: open for business The potential, challenges and risks

55. Is Chinese FDI pushing Latin America into natural resources?

56. The unbalanced dragon: China's uneven provincial and regional FDI performance

57. Spillover Effects of Exchange Rates: A Study of the Renminbi

58. Country Forecast: Global outlook

59. Stirring up the South China Sea

60. Rising Democracies and the Arab Awakening: Implications for Global Democracy and Human Rights

61. Rising Tensions Over China's Monopoly on Rare Earths?

62. False Hopes for Chinese Economic "Integration"

63. US Agricultural Exports to ASEAN Grow - But Face Competition

64. America's Voluntary Standards System—A "Best Practice" Model for Innovation Policy?

65. EIU: Global outlook summary

66. Perspectives on the G20: The Los Cabos Summit and Beyond

67. China: Highlights and Key Issues

68. A Rapidly Changing Energy World, Or Perhaps Not

69. Intercity Buses: The Forgotten Mode

70. Human resources in China Prepare for opportunity

71. Renminbi Rules: The Conditional Imminence of the Reserve Currency Transition

72. Chinese Commodity Imports in Ghana and Senegal: Demystifying Chinese Business Strength in Urban West Africa

73. From REDD to Green: A Global Incentive System to Stop Tropical Forest Clearing

74. A China Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations

75. Global Energy Markets in a Time of Political Change

76. Adjusting to China: A Challenge to the U.S. Manufacturing Sector

77. Toxic Legacy: Hunger, Oppression, Migration, and Health in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

78. Tradition in Chinese politics: The Party-state's reinvention of the past and the critical response from public intellectuals

79. Growth and Recovery in a Time of Default: Lessons from the Role of the Urban Sector in Argentina

80. The Elephant in the "Green Room": China and the Doha Round

81. Who Captures Value in Global Supply Chains?

82. Are resurging state-owned enterprises impeding competition overseas?

83. Inward FDI in Israel and its policy context

84. Perverse Incentives in the Chinese Health System and Assessment of the April 2009 Reform

85. Patient Preferences, Concerns, and Satisfaction with Providers before the Chinese Urban Health System Reform: A Social Groups Analysis

86. International investment law and media disputes: a complement to WTO law

87. Are the Chinese in Africa More Innovative than the Africans? Comparing Chinese and Nigerian Entrepreneurial Migrants' Cultures of Innovation

88. Approaches to Fostering Productivity Growth in Brazil, China and India

89. Innovation and the Visible Hand: China, Indigenous Innovation, and the Role of Government Procurement

90. Russia's modernization reloaded: Political constraints on economic development

91. Trade Disputes Between China and the United States: Growing Pains so Far, Worse Ahead?

92. The Chinese Defense Economy's Long March from Imitation to Innovation

93. Options for a Democratic Taiwan

94. The Internationalization of Chinese and Indian Firms: Trends, Motivations and Policy Implications

95. Regional Trade Agreements vs. Multilateral Trading System: A Study of Chinese Interests and Policy Options

96. The Economic Impact of International Students from a Cross-National Perspective

97. Indian FDI falls in global economic crisis: Indian multinationals tread cautiously

98. The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region: National Interests and Strategic Imperatives

99. Beyond Market Forces: Regulating the Global Security Industry

100. Beyond Market Forces: Regulating the Global Security Industry