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1. The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19: Assessing Hawkish Mass Opinion in China

2. Cross-Strait and U.S.-Taiwan Relations from the Kuomintang Point of View

3. Russia in the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives from China, Russia, and the United States

4. Negotiating Local Business Practices With China in Benin

5. China's New Trade Strategy amid US-China Confrontation and Implications

6. Afghanistan – Opportunities and Challenges for the Russian Federation

7. Russian Foreign Policy in 2020: Strengthening Multi-vectorialism

8. Germany Between a Rock and a Hard Place in China-US Competition

9. Divisions on US-China Policy: Opinion Leaders and the Public

10. Russians See Greater Reward than Risk in Closer Relations with China

11. US, Japan, and South Korea Coordination Key to Competing in Southeast Asia

12. Americans, Japanese, and South Koreans Wary of China's Intentions

13. 2021 Chicago Council Survey: A Foreign Policy for the Middle Class—What Americans Think

14. Ahead of Biden-Moon Summit, South Koreans and Americans Align on China and North Korea

15. Cooperating, Competing, Confronting: US-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Cooperation as China Rises

16. Australia's South China Sea Challenges

17. Chinese-Australians in the Australian Public Service

18. Countering China’s Adventurism over Taiwan: A Third Way

19. To Beat China On Tech In Emerging Markets, Learn From It: Competing with China on 5G and future technologies

20. The Avoidable War: The Decade of Living Dangerously

21. Understanding American Voter Attitudes Toward U.S.-China Climate Cooperation

22. Nature and Nurture: How the Biden Administration Can Advance Ties With India

23. ASPI NOTES for the Biden Administration

24. Mitigating the risk of a China–India conflict

25. Losing our agnosticism. How to make Australia’s foreign influence laws work

26. What if …? Economic consequences for Australia of a US-China conflict over Taiwan

27. Leaping across the ocean: The port operators behind China's naval expansion

28. What about China? Differences between US and European policies on China

29. Chinese Nationalism and the “Gray Zone”: Case Analyses of Public Opinion and PRC Maritime Policy

30. Countering Zero-Sum Relations in the Middle East: Insights from the Expert Survey

31. Twenty Years of One Country Two Systems in China: Evaluation and Future Prospects

32. The Effects of US-China Rivalry on Latin America and Their Implications

33. A Solid Handoff in the U.S-India Relationship

34. The Road from Galwan: The Future of India-China Relations

35. Whitsun Reef Incident: Duterte’s China Strategy Sinking?

36. An Overlooked Source of Chinese Influence in Latin America

37. Porosity of Tajik-Afghan Border Making Beijing’s Involvement in Region More Ominous

38. Confrontation, Cooperation or Isolation? What will China’s Foreign Policy Look Like During Biden’s Presidency

39. How China lends: A rare look into 100 debt contracts with foreign governments

40. A Vision of the Future: The U.S. Intelligence Report “Global Trends 2040”

41. A Crash Test: EU Strategic Autonomy in the Foreign Policy of France

42. NATO on the Road to a New Strategy

43. Gas Scales. What Will Outweigh?

44. The Vision Group on U.S.-ROK Relations: Insights and Recommendations

45. Limits of Public Diplomacy and Soft Power: Lessons from the THAAD Dispute for South Korea's Foreign Policy

46. Handling "Value" in the US-China Conflict

47. Can China Practice Major Power Diplomacy in the Middle East?

48. FOCAC at 21: Future Trajectories of China-Africa Relations

49. The Dragon Lands in Belgrade: The Drivers of Sino-Serbian Partnership

50. Shaping the Indo-Pacific? Japan and Europeanisation