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351. Distrust in the heartland: explaining the Eurasian “Organization Gap” through the Russo-Chinese relations

352. Raising the Minimum: Explaining China’s Nuclear Buildup

353. How Militarily Useful Would Taiwan Be to China?

354. Deterring a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan: Upholding the Status Quo

355. Implications of a Melting Arctic

356. War Is a Choice, Not a Trap: The Right Lessons from Thucydides

357. Semiconductors Are Not a Reason to Defend Taiwan

358. Immaterial Competition: Rethinking the Roles of Economics and Technology in the US-China Rivalry

359. 'Win Without Fighting': The Chinese Communist Party's Political and Institutional Warfare Against the West

360. Regaining the High Ground Against China: A Plan to Achieve US Naval Aviation Superiority This Decade

361. One-Size-Fits-None: Overhauling JADC2 to Prioritize the Warfighter and Exploit Adversaries’ Weaknesses

362. Regaining Decision Advantage: Revising JADC2 to Buttress Deterrence in Our Window of Greatest Need

363. Chinese Political Warfare: The PLA’s Information and Influence Operations

364. Learning to Win: Using Operational Innovation to Regain the Advantage at Sea against China

365. Understanding and Countering China's Approach to Economic Decoupling from the United States

366. Chinese Information and Influence Warfare in Asia and the Pacific

367. An Assessment of US and Allied Information and Influence Warfare

368. The Mixed Record of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

369. Xi Jinping Seeks Stability: The 20th National Congress of the CCP

370. China between lockdowns and the 20th Party Congress: What can we expect for the EU and globally?

371. US-China geoeconomic rivalry intensifies: A risk or an opportunity for European companies?

372. Central Bank Digital Currencies and the implications for the global financial infrastructure: The transformational potential of Russia’s digital rouble and China’s digital renminbi

373. How China’s Environments Changed its Modern History: An interview with Micah Muscolino

374. Brazilian Perspectives for BRICS

375. Russia’s connectivity strategies in Eurasia: Politics over economy

376. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Successful economic strategy or failed soft-power tool?

377. Dispute Resolution between the Philippines and China: Fishing Activities in the South China Sea

378. Hong Kong´s Football Rivalry With the People´s Republic Of China as a Reflection of Local Identity Evolution

379. The Indo-pacific and Southeast Asia: The Impact of External Strategies on Southeast Asia and Asean’s Response

380. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

381. China en África: Objetivos, instrumentos e implicaciones estratégicas

382. África: Competencia y sustitución en un entorno estratégico de rivalidad. Introducción al número especial

383. Reboot: Framework for a New American Industrial Policy

384. Dangerous Straits: Wargaming a Future Conflict over Taiwan

385. Competitive Connectivity: Crafting Transatlantic Responses to China’s Belt and Road Initiative

386. Rewire: Semiconductors and U.S. Industrial Policy

387. Precision and Posture: Defense Spending Trends and the FY23 Budget Request

388. Long Shadows: Deterrence in a Multipolar Nuclear Age

389. Global Island: Sustaining Taiwan’s International Participation Amid Mounting Pressure from China

390. Aligning U.S.-Israeli Cooperation on Technology Issues and China

391. Building a Flywheel: The Biden Administration's Opportunity to Forge a New Path with North Korea

392. When the Chips Are Down: Gaming the Global Semiconductor Competition

393. Finding Firmer Ground: The Role of Higher Education in U.S.-China Relations

394. Things to watch in Asia in 2023

395. Geopolitics is Local – Ramifications of Chinese Projects for Human Security in Serbia

396. Risky Competition: Strengthening U.S.-China Crisis Management

397. China and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: An Economic and Political Perspective

398. The Distortion of UN Resolution 2758 to Limit Taiwan’s Access to the United Nations

399. Embedding Human Rights in European and US China Policy

400. Next-generation Perspectives on Taiwan