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1. Japan’s National Economic Security Strategy and Implications for Korea

2. Analysis of Chinese Response Patterns to Diplomatic Friction and Its Influencing Factors

3. The Effects of Increased Trade with China and Vietnam on Workers’ Earnings and Job Security in Korea

4. Foreign Firms Investment in Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation

5. Green New Deal for Carbon-neutrality and Open Trade Policy in Korea

6. China, Europe, and the Pandemic Recession: Beijing’s Investments and Transatlantic Security

7. Does Station Name Matter?: Rent Seeking Behavior and Its Impact on Housing Prices

8. U.S.-China Technological “Decoupling”: A Strategy and Policy Framework

9. The private sector advances in China: The evolving ownership structures of the largest companies in the Xi Jinping era

10. What Does China’s Update of its Anti-Monopoly Law and New Regulations for the “Platform Economy” Mean for Business?

11. Headquarters-China "Co" Relations - Navigating the Very Contemporary Yins and Yangs of MNC Business in China

12. India’s Networking Response to the Chinese Threat

13. To Beat China On Tech In Emerging Markets, Learn From It: Competing with China on 5G and future technologies

14. ASPI NOTES for the Biden Administration

15. The New Southern Policy Plus: What’s New and What’s Next?

16. Field-by-Field Changes in China since Covid-19 and Implications for Korea

17. The Effects of Free Trade Agreements on SMEs’ Direct and Indirect Exports

18. The Determinants and Welfare Implications of Labor Share

19. China’s FDI in Europe and Europe’s Policy Response

20. Changing Environment for Opening of Chinese Financial Sector and Implications

21. A Comprehensive Evaluation on Korea’s ODA to Rwanda’s Agriculture Sector and Its implications for Strategic Approaches

22. Fourth Industrial Revolution in Japan: Technology to Address Social Challenges

23. Economic Policies of GCC Countries in the Era of Low Oil Prices and Their Policy Implications for Korea

24. The Effects of US-China Rivalry on Latin America and Their Implications

25. Climate Variability and Steppe Empires: New Findings and Future Directions

26. Raising a caution flag on US financial sanctions against China

27. China After Covid-19: Economic Revival and Challenges to the World

28. Handling "Value" in the US-China Conflict

29. Korea’s Strategy on Trade Agreements with Developing Countries in Africa and the Pacific Regions

30. Changes in the Regional Structure of China's Domestic Market and Implications

31. ASEAN Economic Integration on Services: An Analysis of Economic Impacts and Implications

32. Does China Really Dominate Global Innovation? The Impact of China’s Subsidized Patent Application System

33. Taking the Helm: A National Technology Strategy to Meet the China Challenge

34. Navigating the Deepening Russia-China Partnership

35. How Is the Asian Economy Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence from the Emissions of Air Pollutants

36. COVID-19 Tourism Recovery in the ASEAN and East Asia Region: Asymmetric Patterns and Implications

37. Tracking the Ups and Downs in Indonesia’s Economic Activity During COVID-19 Using Mobility Index: Evidence from Provinces in Java and Bali

38. Economic and Emission Impact of Australia–China Trade Disruption: Implication for Regional Economic Integration

39. Policy Strategies to Strengthen the Travel and Tourism Sectors from the COVID-19 Pandemic Shocks: A Computable General Equilibrium Model for the Indonesian Economy

40. The (Im-)Possibility of Rational Socialism: Mises in China’s Market Reform Debate

41. Predicting Chinese State-Owned Enterprise Policy Incidence

42. How China and Pakistan Negotiate

43. The Local Roots of Chinese Engagement in Pakistan

44. China’s Digital Yuan: An Alternative to the Dollar-Dominated Financial System

45. How Argentina Pushed Chinese Investors to Help Revitalize Its Energy Grid

46. The pandemic’s long reach: South Korea’s fiscal and fertility outlook

47. Collateral benefits? South Korean exports to the United States and the US-China trade war

48. The Pandemic as a Geopolitical Game Changer in the Indo-Pacific: The View from Japan

49. How the rest of the world responds to the US-China split

50. Enhancing US-Japan cooperation on global supply chains