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1. Korea Matters for America/America Matters for Korea (2023)

2. Two Peripheries: The Ukraine War's Effect on North Korea-Russia Relations

3. United Kingdom Engagement with North Korea

4. North Korea-Germany Relations: An Ambassador's Perspective of Diplomacy with Pyongyang

5. From Coy to Cold Shoulder - The European Union and North Korea

6. From Close Allies to Distant Comrades: The Ups and Downs of the Vietnam-North Korea Relationship

7. A Monumental Relationship: North Korea and Namibia

8. Japan Matters for America/America Matters for Japan (2023)

9. Economic Sanctions During Humanitarian Emergencies: The Case of North Korea

10. ASEAN's medium- to long-term trade strategies and the direction of RoK-ASEAN cooperation

11. Developing ODA Evaluation Methodology for Technical Cooperation

12. International Humanitarian Assistance and Multilateral Cooperation in North Korea

13. Does Institutional Quality Matter to Korean Outward FDI? A Gravity Model Analysis

14. Strategies of Multinational Companies Entering China in the Era of U.S.-China Competition and Implications for Korea

15. Will China's impending overhaul of its financial regulatory system make a difference?

16. Impact of economic sanctions on net commodity-producing and net commodity-consuming countries

17. US-China Effort to Set “Guardrails” Fizzles with Balloon Incident

18. Japan-China Relations: A Period of Cold Peace?

19. Red Ink: Estimating Chinese Industrial Policy Spending in Comparative Perspective

20. Sanctions, SWIFT, and China’s Cross-Border Interbank Payments System