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1. The Politics of New Cities: Diversification of Actors and Recentralization of State Power in the Case of Diamniadio

2. Governing Cities in Africa. A Panorama of Challenges and Perspectives

3. Collaborative Policing and Negotiating Urban Order in Abidjan

4. Questioning Participation in Ramlet Bulaq, Cairo

5. Urban Governance in Cameroon: Between Laissez-Faire And Faire-Laisser

6. Socio-Spatial and Ethnic-Racial Segregation in Megacities, Large Cities and Global Cities in Africa

7. Urban Drivers of Political Violence

8. Urban Rights and Local Politics in Egypt: The Case of the Maspero Triangle

9. Local Activism in post-2011 Egypt

10. Addressing the Challenges of Urbanization in Africa

11. Democratic Change and Urbanisation in the Aftermath of the Arab Revolts: Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cooperation in Local Urban Development in Morocco and Tunisia

12. Creation of New Cities in Uganda: Social Economic and Political Implications

13. The Hidden Population

14. ‘She told me that life here is so easy’: Urban migration of Acholi youth, Uganda

15. Comparing Global Trends in Multidimensional and Income Poverty and Assessing Horizontal Inequalities

16. Peacebuilding through Health in Kenya’s Urban Informal Settlements: Insights for Policy

17. "Everyone Is Doing It": The Changing Dynamics of Youth Gang Activity in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo

18. Displacement and Disconnection? Exploring the Role of Social Networks in the Livelihoods of Refugees in Gaziantep, Nairobi, and Peshawar

19. African Migrants in Post-Soviet Moscow: Adaptation and Integration in a Time of Radical Socio-Political Transformations

20. Innovation in the Horn, East and Central Africa (HECA): Perspectives from on-the-ground experiences

21. Learning from the Ebola Response in cities: Population movement

22. Learning from the Ebola Response in Cities: Responding in the context of urban quarantine

23. Ebola Response in Cities: Learning for Future Public Health Crises

24. Dynamic Cities? The Role of Urban Local Governments in Improving Urban Service Delivery Performance in Africa and Asia

25. Becoming Urban Humanitarians: Engaging Local Government to Protect Displaced People

26. Quantifying the Living Wage in Swaziland: A Case of the Handicraft Sector

27. The Social Construction of Guangzhou as a Translocal Trading Place

28. Healthcare-Seeking Practices of African and Rural-to-Urban Migrants in Guangzhou

29. How do urban migrants access land and services in African cities?

30. Return Migrants and the Challenge of Reintegration: The Case of Returnees to Kumasi, Ghana