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1. Elementary education in India versus China: Guidelines for NEP implementation

2. Taxless fiscal states: Lessons from 19th-century America and 21st-century China

3. The changing nature of work and earnings inequality in China

4. Transforming informal work and livelihoods in China

5. Income and consumption inequality in China: A comparative approach with India

6. Toward gender equity and women’s empowerment

7. Inequality dynamics in China: Income growth for the poor, but more for the rich

8. Growth and Recovery in a Time of Default: Lessons from the Role of the Urban Sector in Argentina

9. The Global Financial Crisis and Africa's "Immiserizing Wealth"

10. The Internationalization of Chinese and Indian Firms: Trends, Motivations and Policy Implications

11. Poverty Reduction in China: Is High Growth Enough?

12. Approaching a Triumphal Span: How Far Is China Towards its Lewisian Turning Point?

13. Beyond Industrialization: New Approaches to Development Strategy Based on the Service Sector

14. China and the Future of the Developing World: The Coming Global-Asian Era and its Consequences

15. China in the World Economy: Dynamic Correlation Analysis of Business Cycles

16. China's Development Strategy and Energy Security: Growth, Distribution and Regional Cooperation

17. China's Economic Growth: Trajectories and Evolving Institutions

18. China's Exports in ICT and its Impact on Asian Countries

19. Comparing Regional Development in China and India

20. Development Path of China and India and the Challenges for their Sustainable Growth

21. Export Productivity, Finance, and Economic Growth: Are the Southern Engines of Growth Different?

22. Export Productivity and Specialization in China, Brazil, India and South Africa

23. Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic Investment, and Economic Growth in China: A Time Series Analysis

24. Foreign Direct Investment from China, India and South Africa in Sub-Saharan Africa: A New or Old Phenomenon?

25. Global Growth and Distribution: Are China and India Reshaping the World?

26. The Impact of Higher Standards in Patent Protection for Pharmaceutical Industries under the TRIPS Agreement: A Comparative Study of China and India

27. The Impact of Reform on Economic Growth in China: A Principal Component Analysis

28. Innovation Capacity and Economic Development: China and India

29. International Integration and Regional Development in China

30. Measuring the Competitive Threat from China

31. Ownership Reform, Foreign Competition, and Efficiency of Chinese Commercial Banks: A Non-Parametric Approach

32. The Rise of the Southern Economies: Implications for the WTO-Multilateral Trading System

33. Trade Expansion of China and India: Threat or Opportunity

34. Vulnerability, Trust and Microcredit: The Case of China's Rural Poor

35. A Tale of Two Countries: Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Rice Productivity in China and Brazil

36. WIDER Special Issue: Inequality and Poverty in China

37. Changes in the Distribution of Wealth in China, 1995-2002

38. Regional Income Inequality in Rural China, 1985-2002: Trends, Causes and Policy Implications

39. Poverty, Pro-Poor Growth and Mobility: A Decomposition Framework with Application to China

40. China's Regional Inequality in Innovation Capability, 1995-2004

41. Poverty Reduction in China: Trends and Causes

42. Gender Wage Differentials in China's Urban Labour Market

43. Gender Earnings Differentials and Regional Economic Development in Urban China, 1988-97

44. The Urban-Rural Income Gap and Inequality in China

45. Regional Inequality, Industry Agglomeration and Foreign Trade: The Case of China

46. The Public Distribution Systems of Foodgrains and Implications for Food Security: A Comparison of the Experiences of India and China

47. Financial Development and Income Inequality in Rural China 1991-2000

48. Fiscal Decentralization and Political Centralization in China: Implications for Growth and Inequality

49. The Impacts of Growth and Inequality on Rural Poverty in China

50. The Inequality-Growth Nexus in the Short and Long Runs: Empirical Evidence from China

51. Financial Development, Growth, and Regional Disparity in Post-Reform China

52. Spatial Convergence in China: 1952-99

53. Financial Sector Development and Growth: The Chinese Experience

54. Rethinking Import-substituting Industrialization: Development Strategies and Institutions in Taiwan and China

55. National Food Policies Impacting on Food Security: The Experience of India, a Large Populated Country

56. Widening Gap of Educational Opportunity? A Longitudinal Study of Educational Inequality in China

57. Development of Financial Intermediation and the Dynamics of Rural-Urban Inequality: China, 1978-98

58. How Should We Measure Global Poverty in a Changing World?

59. Poverty Accounting by Factor Components: With an Empirical Illustration Using Chinese Data

60. Threshold Estimation on the Globalization-Poverty Nexus: Evidence from China

61. Development Strategy, Viability, and Economic Institutions: The Case of China

62. Economic Development Strategy, Openness and Rural Poverty: A Framework and China's Experiences

63. Globalization and the Urban Poor in China

64. International Finance and the Developing World: The Next Twenty Years

65. Mobilizing Talent for Global Development

66. Why Do Poverty Rates Differ From Region to Region? The Case of Urban China

67. Rising Spatial Disparities and Development

68. Globalization and Regional Income Inequality: Evidence from within China

69. Output and Price Fluctuations in China's Reform Years: What Role did Money Play?

70. What Accounts for China's Trade Balance Dynamics?

71. China's Business Cycles: Perspectives from an AD–AS Model

72. Divergent Means and Convergent Inequality of Incomes among the Provinces and Cities of Urban China

73. Income Inequality in Rural China: Regression-based Decomposition Using Household Data

74. Fifty Years of Regional Inequality in China: A Journey through Central Planning, Reform, and Openness

75. International Trade, Location and Wage Inequality in China

76. Externalities in Rural Development: Evidence for China

77. Trade Liberalization, Agriculture, and Poverty in Low-income Countries

78. One Third of the World's Growth and Inequality

79. From the Grabbing Hand to the Helping Hand: A Rent Seeking Model of China's Township-Village Enterprises

80. Household Income Dynamics in Rural China

81. Wage Reform, Soft Budget Constraints and Competition

82. The Weightless Economy in Economic Development