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1. African Great Lakes Region: Governance and Politics

2. Democratic Backsliding in Poland on Example Drafts Amendments in Electoral Code During the COVID-19 Pandemic

3. Why Did Italian Democracy Become Vulnerable? Theorizing the Change from Neo- to Quasi-Militant Democracy

4. The Role of Islam in Indonesian Foreign Policy: A Case of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Introduction

5. The Round Table in 1989 – Consequences and Evaluation

6. Changes in the Party System in the Context of Deconsolidation of Democracy in Poland

7. Conceptualizing the Theoretical Category of Neo-militant Democracy: The Case of Hungary

8. Political Process, Crisis and Legitimacy in Poland

9. A Lioness Turned into a Fox. A Political Realist View of Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi

10. Possibility of Implementing the Concept of the Intermarium in the Context of Militant Democracy in Poland During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic

11. Political Trust vs. Turnout in Modern Democracies

12. Changes in the Electoral Code and Their Impact on the Security of the Election The Origin for Discussion Based on Selected Comments

13. Campaigns and Electioneering: Reflecting on the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria

14. Restrictions of Freedom of Press as an Indicator of Neo-Militant Democracy in Lithuania

15. The Convergence of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in France: Analysis of Systemic Tendencies from the Perspective of Sixty Years of the Fifth Republic

16. The Securitisation of Kurdish Self-Determination as A Challenge for the Sectarian Balance of Power in the Middle East

17. A Few Problems with Mouffe’s Agonistic Political Theory

18. Turkey’s View of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Visit to Poland in 2017. Prospects and Conclusions

19. Electoral System of the Republic of Belarus after 25 Years of Independence

20. Beyond Vote Rigging: Common Patterns in Electoral Malpractices in De-Democratizing Regimes