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1. Immaterial Competition: Rethinking the Roles of Economics and Technology in the US-China Rivalry

2. 'Win Without Fighting': The Chinese Communist Party's Political and Institutional Warfare Against the West

3. Regaining the High Ground Against China: A Plan to Achieve US Naval Aviation Superiority This Decade

4. Chinese Political Warfare: The PLA’s Information and Influence Operations

5. Learning to Win: Using Operational Innovation to Regain the Advantage at Sea against China

6. Understanding and Countering China's Approach to Economic Decoupling from the United States

7. Chinese Information and Influence Warfare in Asia and the Pacific

8. An Assessment of US and Allied Information and Influence Warfare

9. The Mixed Record of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

10. Xi Jinping’s Evergrande Dilemma

11. Genocide in Xinjiang: Centering Uyghur Human Rights in US Policies Toward China

12. Resilient Aerial Refueling: Safeguarding the US Military’s Global Reach

13. The Chinese Communist Party’s Economic Challenge to the Free World

14. The Atrocities Against Uyghurs and Other Minorities in Xinjiang

15. A Just Response to Beijing’s COVID-19 Abuses

16. A Strategic US Approach to India’s COVID-19 Crisis

17. Regaining the Digital Advantage: A Demand-Focused Strategy for US Microelectronics Competitiveness

18. China’s Gambit for Total Information Dominance: A US-Australia Response

19. Recommendations to Congress Concerning the Investigation into SARS-CoV-2's Origin

20. Europe's China Chimera

21. Fear and Insecurity: Addressing North Korean Threat Perceptions

22. Does China Really Dominate Global Innovation? The Impact of China’s Subsidized Patent Application System

23. Economic Cracks in the Great Wall of China: Is China's Current Economic Model Sustainable?

24. The Diminishing Path to Growth: Can Xi Jinping Avoid Crisis during China's Economic Transition

25. Ambition and Overreach: Countering One Belt One Road and Beijing’s Plans to Dominate Global Innovation

26. A Global Survey of US-China Competition in the Coronavirus Era

27. Boosting Taiwan’s Economic Status is Good Strategy, Economics, and Domestic Policy

28. Next Steps for US Trade, Manufacturing, and Supply Chains After COVID-19

29. Sustaining the Undersea Advantage: Transforming Anti-Submarine Warfare Using Autonomous Systems

30. Weaponizing the 5G Value Chain

31. Nine Months of COVID-19: The Impact on South Asia

32. Towards an Even Stronger Japan-US Alliance

33. Double-Edged Aid: China’s Strategy to Gain Influence through Regional Assistance

34. Crisis from Kolkata to Kabul: COVID-19’s Impact on South Asia

35. The “China Dream” and the African Reality: The Role of Ideology in PRC-Africa Relations

36. The Battle for the Soul of Islam

37. Addressing the Sino-Russian Challenge

38. The Use of Aid to Counter China's "Djibouti Strategy" in the South Pacific

39. The Expanding China-Russia Defense Partnership

40. China, 5G, and Dominance of the Global “Infosphere”

41. The Cornerstone and the Linchpin: Securing America’s Northeast Asian Alliances

42. If You Can’t See ’em, You Can’t Shoot ’em: Improving US Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting

43. China’s Economic Slowdown: Root Causes, Beijing’s Response and Strategic Implications for the US and Allies

44. Breaking the Defense Barrier

45. The U.S.-Japan Alliance: Significance and Role

46. Israel and China Take a Leap Forward—but to Where?

47. Keeping the Peace in the Pacific: The Next Steps in American Policy