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401. The Emergence of a New 'Socialist' Market Labour Regime in China

402. Political Parties in Post-Suharto Indonesia: Between politik aliran and 'Philippinisation'

403. Ten Years after: Achievements and Challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean Economic and Financial Partnership

404. Measuring the Capability to Raise Revenue. Process and Output Dimensions and Their Application to the Zambia Revenue Authority

405. Exploding Crime? Topic Management in Central American Newspapers

406. How Does Neopatrimonialism Affect the African State? The Case of Tax Collection in Zambia

407. Decentralisation in Uganda: Exploring the Constraints for Poverty Reduction

408. Regional Powers in International Relations: Analytical Concepts and Research Approaches

409. Power and Power Hierarchies in International Relations: Towards an Analytical Concept for the Study of Regional Powers

410. Challenging Party Hegemony: Identity Work in China's Emerging Virreal Places

411. Modernisierung und Demokratisierung: Das Erklärungspotenzial neuer differenzierungstheoretischer Ansätze am Fallbeispiel Südkoreas

412. Neopatrimonialism Revisited - Beyond a Catch-All Concept

413. Towards a Dynamic Model of the Interplay Between International Institutions

414. Ideological Reform and Political Legitimacy in China: Challenges in the Post-Jiang Era

415. Guatemala in the 1980s: A Genocide Turned into Ethnocide?

416. Economic Growth and Poverty: Does Formalisation of Informal Enterprises Matter?

417. A Paradox of Plenty? Rent Distribution and Political Stability in Oil States

418. Multiple Interfaces of Big Pharma and the Chance of Global Health Governance in the Face of HIV/AIDS

419. Context Matters - Rethinking the Resource Curse in Sub-Saharan Africa

420. Decentralisation and Poverty Reduction: A Conceptual Framework for the Economic Impact

421. Major Flaws in Conflict Prevention Policies towards Africa. The Conceptual Deficits of International Actors' Approaches and How to Overcome Them

422. ¿Hacia una comunidad regional de seguridad? Las Fuerzas Armadas en la percepción de las elites parlamentarias en Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Uruguay y Paraguay

423. Formale und informelle Politik aus institutioneller Perspektive: Ein Analyseansatz für die vergleichenden Area Studies

424. Global Health Governance: Conflicts on Global Social Rights

425. The LDP at 50: The Rise, Power Resources, and Perspectives of Japan's Dominant Party

426. Culture and Collective Action - Japan, Germany and the United States after September 11, 2001

427. Die Institutionalisierung von Parteien und die Konsolidierung des Parteiensystems in Indien. Kriterien, Befund und Ursachen dauerhafter Defizite

428. Factionalism in Political Parties: An Analytical Framework for Comparative Studies