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1. The Political Economy of India’s Transition to Goods and Services Tax

2. SMARTer Indicators for Decent Work in a Post-2015 Development Agenda: A Discussion and a Proposal

3. Sino-African Encounters in Ghana and Nigeria: From Conflict to Conviviality and Mutual Benefit

4. Hooray for Global Justice? Emerging Democracies in a Multipolar World

5. Iran and the Arab Spring: Between Expectations and Disillusion

6. Contingent Democrats in Action: Organized Labor and Regime Change in the Republic of Niger

7. Online Consultation and Citizen Feedback in Chinese Policymaking

8. Credit-constrained in Risky Activities? The Determinants of the Capital Stocks of Micro and Small Firms in Western Africa

9. India's Turn in Climate Policy: Assessing the Interplay of Domestic and International Policy Change

10. "Small Is Beautiful": Lessons from Laos for the Study of Chinese Overseas

11. Development vs. Environment in Taibei

12. Renewables in the Energy Transition: Evidence on Solar Home Systems and Lighting-Fuel Choice in Kenya

13. What Friends Are Made Of: Bilateral Linkages and Domestic Drivers of Foreign Policy Alignment with China

14. The Politics of Contestation in Asia: How Japan and Pakistan Deal with their Rising Neighbors

15. Liberalist Variation in Taiwan: Four Democratization Orientations

16. Attitudes to Chronic Poverty in the "Global Village"

17. "Dreams Don't Come True in Eritrea": Anomie and Family Disintegration due to the Structural Militarization of Society

18. In Search of Legitimacy in Post-revolutionary China: Bringing Ideology and Governance Back In

19. The Resource Curse and Rentier States in the Caspian Region: A Need for Context Analysis

20. Technological Readiness in the Middle East and North Africa – Implications for Egypt

21. Savings, Credit and Insurance: Household Demand for Formal Financial Services in Rural Ghana

22. Getting Off Lightly? The Impact of the International Financial Crisis on the Middle East and North Africa

23. Global Value Chains, Technology Transfer and Local Firm Upgrading in Non-OECD Countries

24. The Chinese Communist Party: Recruiting and Controlling the New Elites

25. Measuring Party Institutionalization in Developing Countries: A New Research Instrument Applied to 28 African Political Parties

26. Constraints to Economic Development and Growth in the Middle East and North Africa

27. The Cleavage Model, Ethnicity and Voter Alignment in Africa: Conceptual and Methodological Problems Revisited

28. Upgrading in Agricultural Value Chains: The Case of Small Producers in Honduras

29. Sectoral Transformations in Neo-Patrimonial Rentier States: Tourism Development and State Policy in Egypt

30. The Role and Development of Technology-Intensive Suppliers in Resource-Based Economies: A Literature Review

31. Crises, Hegemony and Change in the International System: A Conceptual Framework

32. Political Party and Party System Institutionalisation in Southeast Asia: A Comparison of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand

33. Crafting Political Institutions in Africa. Electoral Systems and Systems of Government in Rwanda and Zambia Compared

34. The Emergence of a New 'Socialist' Market Labour Regime in China

35. Political Parties in Post-Suharto Indonesia: Between politik aliran and 'Philippinisation'

36. Ten Years after: Achievements and Challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean Economic and Financial Partnership

37. Measuring the Capability to Raise Revenue. Process and Output Dimensions and Their Application to the Zambia Revenue Authority

38. Power and Power Hierarchies in International Relations: Towards an Analytical Concept for the Study of Regional Powers

39. Neopatrimonialism Revisited - Beyond a Catch-All Concept

40. Decentralisation and Poverty Reduction: A Conceptual Framework for the Economic Impact