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121. Shifting Ideologics of Research Funding: The CPC's National Planning Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences

122. The Impact of Changing Incentives in China on International Cooperation in Social Science Research on China

123. Changes in International Research Cooperation in China: Positive Perspectives

124. "Embedded Research" in Collaborative Fieldwo

125. Let's Not Go There: Coping with (Pre-) Selection Bias in Collaborative Field Research

126. Religious Revival among the Zhuang People in China: Practising "Superstition" and Standardizing a Zhuang Religion

127. Of Canons and Commodities: The Cultural Predicaments of Nuosu-Yi "Bimo Culture"

128. Re-Fusing Ethnicity and Religion: An Experiment on Tibetan Grounds

129. The Ontological (In)security of Similarity: Wahhabism versus Islamism in Saudi Foreign Policy

130. The Heterogeneity of FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Do the Horizontal Productivity Effects of Emerging Investors Differ from Those of Traditional Players?

131. International Sanctions against Iran under President Ahmadinejad: Explaining Regime Persistence

132. The Institutional Presidency from a Comparative Perspective: Argentina and Brazil since the 1980s

133. A Ticking "Time Bomb"? ‒ Youth Employment Problems in China

134. Productive Power and Policy Change in Global Finance: An Analysis of China's Financial Policy Framing in the Bretton Woods Institutions

135. Informal Institutions in Autocracies: Analytical Perspectives and the Case of the Chinese Communist Party

136. Contingent Democrats in Action: Organized Labor and Regime Change in the Republic of Niger

137. Claims to Legitimacy Matter: Why Sanctions Fail to Instigate Democratization in Authoritarian Regimes

138. Mind the Gap: An Annotated Overview of Datasets in the Study of Institutions and Conflict in Divided Societies

139. What Drives Interstate Balancing? Estimations of Domestic and Systemic Factors

140. The Eritrean Diaspora: Savior or Gravedigger of the Regime? Diaspora Responses to the Imposition of UN Sanctions