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101. Does Violence Pay? The Effect of Ethnic Rebellion on Overcoming Political Deprivation

102. Perceptions, Practices and Adaptations: Understanding Chinese–African Interactions in Africa

103. Sino-African Encounters in Ghana and Nigeria: From Conflict to Conviviality and Mutual Benefit

104. Significant Others: Security and Suspicion in Chinese–Angolan Encounters

105. The Chinese Presence in Burkina Faso: A Sino-African Cooperation from Below

106. Place-based and Place-bound Realities: A Chinese Firm's Embeddedness in Tanzania

107. Chinese Employers and Their Ugandan Workers: Tensions, Frictions and Cooperation in an African City

108. Survey of Experts on Climate Change Awareness and Public Participation in China

109. The KMT–CCP Forum: Securing Consent for Cross-Strait Rapprochement

110. Too Abstract to Be Feasible? Applying the Grounded Theory Method in Social Movement Research

111. Margins, Gravity, and Causality: Export Diversification and Income Levels Reconsidered

112. China and Socialist Countries: Role Change and Role Continuity

113. Researching Ethnic Relations as the Outcome of Political Processes

114. A Democratic Rentier State? Taxation, Aid Dependency, and Political Representation in Benin

115. Regional Sanctions against Burundi: A Powerful Campaign and Its Unintended Consequences

116. Pastor Paulo vs. Doctor Carlos: Professional Titles as Voting Heuristics in Brazil

117. The Effects of Gubernatorial Influence and Political Careerism on Senatorial Voting Behavior: The Argentine Case

118. Civil–Military Relations in Brazil: A Reassessment

119. Evaluating Theories of Decision-making on the Peruvian Constitutional Tribunal

120. Taxing with Dictators and Democrats: Regime Effects, Transfers and Revenue in Argentina's Provinces

121. Subnational Electoral Contexts and Corruption in Mexico

122. Determinants of Judicial Dissent in Contexts of Extreme Institutional Instability: The Case of Ecuador's Constitutional Court

123. Great Promise, but Poor Performance: Understanding the Collapse of Venezuela's Causa Radical

124. Partisan Protesters and Nonpartisan Protests in Brazil

125. Western–Chinese Academic Collaboration in the Social Sciences

126. Shifting Ideologics of Research Funding: The CPC's National Planning Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences

127. The Impact of Changing Incentives in China on International Cooperation in Social Science Research on China

128. Changes in International Research Cooperation in China: Positive Perspectives

129. "Embedded Research" in Collaborative Fieldwo

130. Let's Not Go There: Coping with (Pre-) Selection Bias in Collaborative Field Research

131. Religious Revival among the Zhuang People in China: Practising "Superstition" and Standardizing a Zhuang Religion

132. Of Canons and Commodities: The Cultural Predicaments of Nuosu-Yi "Bimo Culture"

133. Re-Fusing Ethnicity and Religion: An Experiment on Tibetan Grounds