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1. Electoral Rentierism? The Cross-National and Subnational Effect of Oil on Electoral Competitiveness in Multiparty Autocracies

2. Regime Type, Inequality, and Redistributive Transfers in Developing Countries

3. How Do Non-Democratic Regimes Claim Legitimacy? Comparative Insights from Post-Soviet Countries

4. A Democratic Rentier State? Taxation, Aid Dependency, and Political Representation in Benin

5. Subnational Electoral Contexts and Corruption in Mexico

6. Contingent Democrats in Action: Organized Labor and Regime Change in the Republic of Niger

7. Claims to Legitimacy Matter: Why Sanctions Fail to Instigate Democratization in Authoritarian Regimes

8. Hooray for Global Justice? Emerging Democracies in a Multipolar World

9. Origins and Outcomes of Electoral Institutions in African Hybrid Regimes: A Comparative Perspective

10. Liberalist Variation in Taiwan: Four Democratization Orientations

11. Informelle Politik“ und „informelle Institutionen“: Konzeptionelle Grundlagen, analytische Zugänge und Herausforderungen für das Studium autoritärer und anderer politischer Herrschaftssysteme

12. Political Change in the Middle East: An Attempt to Analyze the "Arab Spring"