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1. The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence of Educational Persistence and the "Great Gatsby Curve" in Brazil

2. Making Citizens: Brazilian Social Policy from Getúlio to Lula

3. The Participation of Civil Society in Lula's Government

4. Surviving Corruption in Brazil: Lula's and Dilma's Success Despite Corruption Allegations, and Its Consequences

5. The Worker's Party, from Contention to Public Action: A Case of Institutionalization

6. Lulismo, Petismo, and the Future of Brazilian Politics

7. The Brazilian Rise and the Elusive South American Balance

8. How Argentine Farmers Overpowered Monsanto: The Mobilization of Knowledge-users and Intellectual Property Regimes

9. "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Explaining Political Ambition by Electoral Success in Brazil

10. Pastor Paulo vs. Doctor Carlos: Professional Titles as Voting Heuristics in Brazil

11. Civil–Military Relations in Brazil: A Reassessment

12. Partisan Protesters and Nonpartisan Protests in Brazil

13. The Institutional Presidency from a Comparative Perspective: Argentina and Brazil since the 1980s

14. Hooray for Global Justice? Emerging Democracies in a Multipolar World

15. Demos-Constraining or Demos-Enabling Federalism? Political Institutions and Policy Change in Brazil

16. Pursuing Centralization amidst Decentralization: The Politics of Brazil's Innovative Response to HIV/AIDS

17. In Defense of Oral History: Evidence from the Mercosur Case

18. China and Brazil: Economic Impacts of a Growing Relationship

19. Political Appointments and Coalition Management in Brazil, 2007-2010

20. Security Policies of India, Brazil and South Africa – Regional Security Contexts as Constraints for a Common Agenda

21. Verschiebungen der globalen Machtverhältnisse durch den Aufstieg von Regionalen Führungsmächten. China, Indien, Brasilien und Südafrika im Vergleich

22. No Country for Leftists? Clientelist Continuity and the 2006 Vote in the Brazilian Northeast

23. The Institutional Feasibility of National-Local Policy Collaboration: Insights from Brazil and Argentina

24. Knowing Left From Right: Ideological Identification in Brazil, 2002-2006

25. The Ideological "Coherence" of the Brazilian Party System, 1990-2009

26. Evade, Corrupt, or Confront? Organized Crime and the State in Brazil and Mexico

27. Empire, Hegemony, and Leadership: Developing a Research Framework for the Study of Regional Powers

28. AIDS, Access to Medicines, and the Different Roles of the Brazilian and South African Governments in Global Health Governance

29. Emerging Middle Powers' Soft Balancing Strategy: State and Perspectives of the IBSA Dialogue Forum

30. ¿Hacia una comunidad regional de seguridad? Las Fuerzas Armadas en la percepción de las elites parlamentarias en Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Uruguay y Paraguay