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1. The Political Economy of India’s Transition to Goods and Services Tax

2. India's Social Policies: Recent Changes for the Better and Their Causes

3. The Change of Ruling Parties and Taiwan\'s Claim to Multiculturalism before and after 2008

4. The Plasticity of Regions: A Social Sciences–Cultural Studies Dialogue on Asia-Related Area Studies

5. Under the State's Thumb: Results from an Empirical Survey of Civic Organizations in Vietnam

6. Stability Maintenance and Chinese Media: Beyond Political Communication?

7. rom Poisonous Weeds to Endangered Species: Shenghuo TV, Media Ecology and Stability Maintenance

8. China’s Responsiveness to Internet Opinion: A Double-Edged Sword

9. Winning Hearts and Minds? Cadres as Microbloggers in China

10. Manufacturing Consent in Cyberspace: China’s “Fifty-Cent Army”

11. Regulation with Chinese Characteristics: Deciphering Banking Regulation in China

12. When the Hong Kong Dream Meets the Anti-Mainlandisation Discourse: Mainland Chinese Students in Hong Kon

13. The Temporal Experience of Chinese Students Abroad and the Present Human Condition

14. Overthrowing the First Mountain: Chinese Student-Migrants and the Geography of Power

15. “I will change things in my own small way”: Chinese Overseas Students, “Western” Values, and Institutional Reform

16. Unseeing” Chinese Students in Japan: Understanding Educationally Channelled Migrant Experiences

17. “Creating a Home away from Home”: Chinese Undergraduate Student Enclaves in US Higher Education

18. Engagement and Reflexivity: Approaches to Chinese–Japanese Political Relations by Chinese Students in Japan

19. The Social Construction of Guangzhou as a Translocal Trading Place

20. Healthcare-Seeking Practices of African and Rural-to-Urban Migrants in Guangzhou

21. Landscapes of Aspiration in Guangzhou’s African Music Scene: Beyond the Trading Narrative

22. African Logistics Agents and Middlemen as Cultural Brokers in Guangzhou

23. The Currency of Historicity in Hong Kong: Deconstructing Nostalgia through Soy Milk

24. New Bottle, Old Wine: China’s Governance of Hong Kong in View of Its Policies in the Restive Borderlands

25. China and Socialist Countries: Role Change and Role Continuity

26. The Political Contexts of Religious Exchanges: A Study on Chinese Protestants' International Relations

27. It's Not Only Rents: Explaining the Persistence and Change of Neopatrimonialism in Indonesia

28. The G20: Engine of Asian Regionalism?

29. Maritime Territorial Disputes in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of the South China Sea and the East China Sea

30. China's Trade Relations with the United States in Perspective

31. In Search of Legitimacy in Post-revolutionary China: Bringing Ideology and Governance Back In

32. Taiwan's Democracy: Towards a Liberal Democracy or Authoritarianism?

33. Asian Economic Integration and Cooperation: Challenges and Ways Forward for Pan-Asian Regionalism

34. Indian Involvement in Afghanistan: Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block to Regional Hegemony?

35. Where Minds Meet: The "Professionalization" of Cross-Strait Academic Exchange

36. The Chinese Meaning of Just War and Its Impact on the Foreign Policy of the People's Republic of China

37. Social Movements as Agents of Innovation: Citizen Journalism in South Korea

38. Democracy and Human Rights in the European-Asian Dialogue: A Clash of Cooperation Cultures?

39. Emerging Middle Powers' Soft Balancing Strategy: State and Perspectives of the IBSA Dialogue Forum

40. Crises, Hegemony and Change in the International System: A Conceptual Framework

41. The EU's Foreign Policy after the Fifth Enlargement: Any Change in Its Taiwan Policy?

42. The Emergence of a New 'Socialist' Market Labour Regime in China

43. Political Parties in Post-Suharto Indonesia: Between politik aliran and 'Philippinisation'

44. Challenging Party Hegemony: Identity Work in China's Emerging Virreal Places

45. Ideological Reform and Political Legitimacy in China: Challenges in the Post-Jiang Era

46. The LDP at 50: The Rise, Power Resources, and Perspectives of Japan's Dominant Party

47. Culture and Collective Action - Japan, Germany and the United States after September 11, 2001

48. Die Institutionalisierung von Parteien und die Konsolidierung des Parteiensystems in Indien. Kriterien, Befund und Ursachen dauerhafter Defizite