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1. Electoral Rentierism? The Cross-National and Subnational Effect of Oil on Electoral Competitiveness in Multiparty Autocracies

2. Contingent Democrats in Action: Organized Labor and Regime Change in the Republic of Niger

3. Origins and Outcomes of Electoral Institutions in African Hybrid Regimes: A Comparative Perspective

4. Democratization via Elections in an African "Narco-state"? The Case of Guinea-Bissau

5. Ethnic Party Bans in East Africa from a Comparative Perspective

6. The Power of Proximity: Strategic Decisions in African Party Politics

7. Ethnicity and Party Systems in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa

8. Stagnation of a "Miracle": Botswana's Governance Record Revisited

9. The Effects of Electoral Institutions in Rwanda: Why Proportional Representation Supports the Authoritarian Regime

10. Reshaping Political Space? The Impact of the Armed Insurgency in the Central African Republic on Political Parties and Representation

11. Ethnic Coalitions of Convenience and Commitment: Political Parties and Party Systems in Kenya

12. Measuring Party Institutionalization in Developing Countries: A New Research Instrument Applied to 28 African Political Parties

13. Promoting Peace and Democracy through Party Regulation? Ethnic Party Bans in Africa

14. Gero Erdmann and Matthias Basedau: Problems of Categorising and Explaining Party Systems in Africa