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1. A Comparative Analysis of India and Pakistan’s Naval Strategy: (2001-2019)

2. Sino-Russian Convergence on Eurasian Integration: Understanding the Long-Term Engagement

3. Institutional Quality, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in South Asian Economies: Some New Insights from a Panel Data Analysis

4. Legitimacy and Significance of Art. 2A in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973

5. Rural-Urban Migration in South Asia: A Case Study of Pakistan

6. Reviving Pak-Russia Relations: Implications for CPEC

7. Indo-Iran Relations in the Changing Regional Environment Implications for South Asia

8. Afghanistan: The Possible Arena for Major Powers Inevitable Cooperation

9. Media and Political Socialization in Pakistan: A Study of Rural and Urban Areas

10. The Weight of Words and Limit to Freedom of Expression: A Journalists’ Perspective in Pakistan

11. An Analysis of Adjustment Challenges of Academia Returns Migrants: An Evidence from South Asia

12. The Antiquity of Public Relations in South Asia: A Historical Perspective on the Evolution of Public Relations in Pakistan

13. Predictors of Fake News Sharing on Social Media during COVID-19 in South Asia: Evidence from Pakistan

14. China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan: Partnership for Regional Peace

15. South Asian Universities: Effect of Personality Traits on Procrastination of Students at University Level

16. Sustainable Development of Chitral: A CPEC Perspective

17. The Sikh Struggle for Khalistan: Refocusing on the Punjabi Suba (Province) Movement in India

18. A Critical Analysis of Fundamental Rights Under the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973

19. Intrastate Hydro Politics: Issues of Hydro Resource Management in India

20. Issues and Conflicts in Balochistan: Implications for Pakistan