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1. Domestic Constraints on South Korean Foreign Policy

2. Managing Global Disorder: Prospects for Transatlantic Cooperation

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6. Reorienting U.S. Pakistan Strategy: From Af-Pak to Asia

7. Afghanistan After the Drawdown

8. The Case for International Law

9. Ending Child Marriage: How Elevating the Status of Girls Advances U.S. Foreign Policy Objectives

10. U.S.-Turkey Relations: A New Partnership

11. What It Will Take to Secure Afghanistan

12. Democratic Internationalism: An American Grand Strategy for a Post-exceptionalist Era

13. After bin Laden: What's Next for Obama

14. Next Steps for Pakistan Strategy

15. Crisis in the Congo: CPA Contingency Planning

16. Family Planning and U.S. Foreign Policy: Ensuring U.S. Leadership for Healthy Families and Communities and Prosperous, Stable Societies

17. Managing Instability on China's Periphery

18. September 11 in Retrospect

19. The Wisdom of Retrenchment: America Must Cut Back to Move Forward

20. Humanitarian Intervention Comes of Age