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1. The 1001 Black Men Online Sketchbook and the Art of Social Justice

2. Using Your Genome and Big Data to Manage Your Health

3. The Myth of the Violent Athlete

4. Disability Rights in Global Perspective

5. From the Vatican to Madrid, Paris and Warsaw: “Gender Ideology” in Motion

6. More than a Game: Soccer and Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century

7. Breaking Issue – iPhone vs. the FBI: Government Surveillance in the Post-Snowden Era

8. The Business of Peace through Green Energy: The HomeBiogas Story

9. The Ferguson Conjuncture: Why the Humanities Matter Now

10. Disability Studies and Contemporary Bioethics for HIV-Positive Persons

11. Palestinians’ Internal Politics and Conflicts

12. Universal Design and Diverse Learners

13. The Ukraine-Russia Crisis and U.S. Policy

14. Melting Ice, Rising Seas, Shifting Shorelines…The New Reality

15. Morgan Lecture: The Americans with Disabilities Act: Civil Rights Then, Now, and in the Future

16. We Are More Than We Have Become: John Wesley’s Call to Holiness and Service

17. Business as Unusual: Shared Strategies for Accelerating Change

18. Cuba and its Exile: Political Generations

19. Constitutions and Accountable Governments In the Arab World

20. The Liberal Arts at Home and at Work

21. The Underground Railroad In South Central Pennsylvania

22. Moral Freedom or Moral Anarchy?

23. Fear, Security and the Apocalyptic World View: The Cold War's Cultural Impact and Legacy

24. Creating a Global Economy

25. Some Reflections on Three Mile Island