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1. Mitigating Global Fragmentation in Digital Trade Governance: A Case Study

2. Enforcing Smart Legal Contracts: Prospects and Challenges

3. Building Trust in AI: A Landscape Analysis of Government AI Programs

4. Could a Global “Wicked Problems Agency” Incentivize Data Sharing?

5. An Economic Mirage: How Canadian Universities Impact Freedom to Operate

6. Retail Central Bank Digital Currency: Has Its Time Come?

7. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Military Defence and Security

8. The Digital Silk Road and China’s Influence on Standard Setting

9. Next-Generation Technology and Electoral Democracy: Understanding the Changing Environment

10. The Digital Economy Partnership Agreement: Should Canada Join?

11. Third Party Record Exemptions in Canada’s Access to Information Act

12. Regulating the International Digital Economy, with Trade and Innovation in Mind

13. A Future Built on Data: Data Strategies, Competitive Advantage and Trust

14. Rudiments of a Space Security Policy Framework

15. Merger Policy for a Dynamic and Digital Canadian Economy

16. A Digital Loonie among Many Digital Currencies: Prospects and Outlook

17. The First Space-Cyber War and the Need for New Regimes and Policies

18. A Two-Track Approach for Trustworthy AI

19. Lending to Defaulters: The IMF Updates Its Lending into Arrears Policy

20. Non-Consensual Intimate Image Distribution: The Legal Landscape in Kenya, Chile and South Africa

21. TRIPS-Past to TRIPS-Plus: Upholding the Balance between Exclusivity and Access

22. Could Trade Agreements Help Address the Wicked Problem of Cross-Border Disinformation?

23. Supply Chain Regulation in the Service of Geopolitics: What’s Happening in Semiconductors?

24. Fintech for Good: Governance Mechanisms for Sustainable Development

25. Listening to Users and Other Ideas for Building Trust in Digital Trade

26. Policing the Dark Web: Legal Challenges in the 2015 Playpen Case

27. Non-binary TikTokers in Latin America: Sharing Debates and Circumventing Censorship

28. Scoping AI Governance: A Smarter Tool Kit for Beneficial Applications

29. Accounting for the Digital Economy: Time for a Fresh Approach

30. The Digital Decide: How to Agree on WTO Rules for Digital Trade

31. Reimagining a Canadian National Security Strategy

32. Protecting Freedom of Thought in the Digital Age

33. An Emerging Opportunity for Recovery: “Modern Markets for All”

34. Designing Institutional Collaboration into Global Governance

35. Designing and Regulating Retail Digital Currencies

36. Digital RMB: A Possible Way to Reassert Data Control in the Digital Economy

37. he Canadian Election Template: Stronger Elections at Home, Stronger Canada Abroad

38. China’s Experience in Building a Venture Capital Sector: Four Lessons for Policy Makers

39. Biotechnology and Security Threats: National Responses and Prospects for International Cooperation

40. Standards for a Secure 5G Infrastructure

41. Central Bank Digital Currency and Governance: Fit for Purpose?

42. A Canadian Framework for Data Reuse

43. China’s Techno-Industrial Development: A Case Study of the Semiconductor Industry

44. Quantifying Trade Secret Theft: Policy Implications

45. International Intellectual Property after the New NAFTA

46. Regional Financial Arrangements and the International Monetary Fund: Sustaining Coherence in Global Financial Governance

47. Standards for Digital Cooperation

48. Competing in Artificial Intelligence Chips: China’s Challenge amid Technology War

49. Toward a Robust Architecture for the Regulation of Data and Digital Trade

50. Data Is Dangerous: Comparing the Risks That the United States, Canada and Germany See in Data Troves