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1. The Digital Silk Road and China’s Influence on Standard Setting

2. China’s Experience in Building a Venture Capital Sector: Four Lessons for Policy Makers

3. Biotechnology and Security Threats: National Responses and Prospects for International Cooperation

4. China’s Techno-Industrial Development: A Case Study of the Semiconductor Industry

5. Supply Chain Regulation in the Service of Geopolitics: What’s Happening in Semiconductors?

6. Digital RMB: A Possible Way to Reassert Data Control in the Digital Economy

7. Competing in Artificial Intelligence Chips: China’s Challenge amid Technology War

8. Toward a Robust Architecture for the Regulation of Data and Digital Trade

9. An International Intellectual Property and Digital Trade Strategy for Canada

10. Chinese Industrial Actors in Global Rule Making: A Preliminary Exploration

11. Does Canada’s Foreign Trade Policy Give Innovating Canadian Firms a Competitive Edge Internationally?

12. International Cooperation: Is the Multilateral System Helping?

13. The Belt and Road Initiative: Motivations, Financing, Expansion and Challenges of Xi's Ever-expanding Strategy

14. Digital Trade at the WTO: The CPTPP and CUSMA Pose Challenges to Canadian Data Regulation

15. China and International Financial Standards: From "Rule Taker" to "Rule Maker"?

16. Made in China 2025 as a Challenge in Global Trade Governance: Analysis and Recommendations

17. Crisis in the WTO: Restoring the Dispute Settlement Function

18. A Deeper Look at China’s “Going Out” Policy

19. Growth, Innovation and COP 21: The Case for New Investment In Innovation Infrastructure

20. China and Global Energy Governance under the G20 Framework

21. Is Indonesia the Next China?

22. China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

23. Much Ado about Nothing? The RMB's Inclusion in the SDR Basket

24. The Shadow Banking System of China and International Regulatory Cooperation

25. Internationalization of the Renminbi: Developments, Problems and Influences

26. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone: Backgrounds, Developments and Preliminary Assessment of Initial Impacts

27. The Influence of RMB Internationalization on the Chinese Economy: Theory and Policy

28. How China Can Help Lead a Global Transition to Clean Energy

29. China's Long March Toward Economic Rebalancing

30. Changing the Channel: Cultivating Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia

31. The State-owned Enterprises Issue in China's Prospective Trade Negotiations

32. China in the G20 Summitry: Review and Decision-making Process

33. The Effect of Index Futures Trading on Volatility: Three Markets for Chinese Stocks

34. China and Sovereign Debt Restructuring

35. China's Goals in the G20: Expectation, Strategy and Agenda

36. Crisis Management Mechanisms: Pathologies and Pitfalls

37. Global Cybercrime: The Interplay of Politics and Law

38. Power Shift and Renminbi Internationalization: Recommendations for the G20

39. From "Taoguang Yanghui" to "Yousuo Zuowei": China's Engagement in Financial Minilateralism

40. Sources of Tension in the Asia-Pacific: Strategic Competition, Divided Regionalism and Non-traditional Security Challenges

41. Hedging Against an Unstable China: Measures to Enhance Regional and Global Resilience


43. China and the Arctic: China's Interests and Participation in the Region

44. East Asia and the Arctic: Alaskan and American Perspectives

45. A Policy Mismatch: Canada and the United States in the Asia-Pacific Region

46. Canada-US Arctic Marine Corridors and Resource Development

47. A Flop and a Debacle: Inside the IMF's Global Rebalancing Acts

48. Perspectives on the G20: The Los Cabos Summit and Beyond

49. Approaches to Fostering Productivity Growth in Brazil, China and India

50. Developing Countries – even China – Cannot Rescue the World Economy