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1. The Digital Silk Road and China’s Influence on Standard Setting

2. Supply Chain Regulation in the Service of Geopolitics: What’s Happening in Semiconductors?

3. Digital RMB: A Possible Way to Reassert Data Control in the Digital Economy

4. China’s Experience in Building a Venture Capital Sector: Four Lessons for Policy Makers

5. Biotechnology and Security Threats: National Responses and Prospects for International Cooperation

6. China’s Techno-Industrial Development: A Case Study of the Semiconductor Industry

7. Competing in Artificial Intelligence Chips: China’s Challenge amid Technology War

8. Toward a Robust Architecture for the Regulation of Data and Digital Trade

9. An International Intellectual Property and Digital Trade Strategy for Canada

10. Chinese Industrial Actors in Global Rule Making: A Preliminary Exploration

11. Does Canada’s Foreign Trade Policy Give Innovating Canadian Firms a Competitive Edge Internationally?

12. International Cooperation: Is the Multilateral System Helping?

13. The Belt and Road Initiative: Motivations, Financing, Expansion and Challenges of Xi's Ever-expanding Strategy

14. Digital Trade at the WTO: The CPTPP and CUSMA Pose Challenges to Canadian Data Regulation

15. China and International Financial Standards: From "Rule Taker" to "Rule Maker"?

16. Made in China 2025 as a Challenge in Global Trade Governance: Analysis and Recommendations

17. Crisis in the WTO: Restoring the Dispute Settlement Function

18. A Deeper Look at China’s “Going Out” Policy

19. Growth, Innovation and COP 21: The Case for New Investment In Innovation Infrastructure

20. China and Global Energy Governance under the G20 Framework

21. Is Indonesia the Next China?

22. China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

23. The Shadow Banking System of China and International Regulatory Cooperation

24. Internationalization of the Renminbi: Developments, Problems and Influences

25. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone: Backgrounds, Developments and Preliminary Assessment of Initial Impacts

26. The Influence of RMB Internationalization on the Chinese Economy: Theory and Policy

27. How China Can Help Lead a Global Transition to Clean Energy

28. Much Ado about Nothing? The RMB's Inclusion in the SDR Basket

29. Global Cybercrime: The Interplay of Politics and Law

30. Power Shift and Renminbi Internationalization: Recommendations for the G20

31. From "Taoguang Yanghui" to "Yousuo Zuowei": China's Engagement in Financial Minilateralism

32. China's Long March Toward Economic Rebalancing

33. Changing the Channel: Cultivating Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia

34. The State-owned Enterprises Issue in China's Prospective Trade Negotiations

35. China in the G20 Summitry: Review and Decision-making Process

36. The Effect of Index Futures Trading on Volatility: Three Markets for Chinese Stocks

37. China and Sovereign Debt Restructuring

38. China's Goals in the G20: Expectation, Strategy and Agenda

39. Crisis Management Mechanisms: Pathologies and Pitfalls

40. Sources of Tension in the Asia-Pacific: Strategic Competition, Divided Regionalism and Non-traditional Security Challenges

41. Hedging Against an Unstable China: Measures to Enhance Regional and Global Resilience


43. China and the Arctic: China's Interests and Participation in the Region

44. East Asia and the Arctic: Alaskan and American Perspectives

45. A Policy Mismatch: Canada and the United States in the Asia-Pacific Region

46. Canada-US Arctic Marine Corridors and Resource Development

47. A Flop and a Debacle: Inside the IMF's Global Rebalancing Acts

48. Perspectives on the G20: The Los Cabos Summit and Beyond

49. Developing Countries – even China – Cannot Rescue the World Economy

50. The Obama Administration and Latin America: Towards a New Partnership?