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1. Tunisia’s Transformation Into a Transit Hub: Illegal Migration and Policy Dilemmas

2. Climate Change in Egypt: Opportunities and Obstacles

3. Arab Peace Initiative II: How Arab Leadership Could Design a Peace Plan in Israel and Palestine

4. Northwestern Syria in the Time of Cholera, Earthquakes, and Environmental Degradation

5. Border Nation: The Reshaping of the Syrian-Turkish Borderlands

6. To Prevent the Collapse of Biodiversity, the World Needs a New Planetary Politics

7. Closing the Gap Between Citizen Participation and Mainstream Politics

8. How Malaysian Politics Shaped Chinese Real Estate Deals and Economic Development

9. Reducing Pernicious Polarization: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Depolarization

10. Political Change and Turkey’s Foreign Policy

11. How Duterte Strong-Armed Chinese Dam-Builders But Weakened Philippine Institutions

12. Reimagining Regional Governance in Latin America

13. Civil Society and the Global Pandemic: Building Back Different?

14. With Friends Like These: The Kremlin’s Far-Right and Populist Connections in Italy and Austria

15. U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle Class: Perspectives From Nebraska

16. Political Polarization in South and Southeast Asia: Old Divisions, New Dangers

17. Playing Politics: International Security Sector Assistance and the Lebanese Military’s Changing Role

18. Ennahda’s Uneasy Exit From Political Islam

19. Six Ideas for Rejuvenating European Democracy

20. Climate Politics in a Fragmented Europe

21. U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle Class: Perspectives from Colorado

22. U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle Class: Perspectives From Ohio

23. The Mobilization of Conservative Civil Society

24. Egypt's Nationalists Dominate in a Politics-Free Zone

25. Imagining a New Security Order in the Persian Gulf

26. The Rise of Nontraditional Islam in the Urals

27. Exploring Uzbekistan's Potential Political Transition

28. The Stalin Puzzle: Deciphering Post-Soviet Public Opinion

29. The End of the Putin Era?

30. When Victory Becomes an Option: Egypt\'s Muslim Brotherhood Confronts Success

31. Mauritania's Islamists

32. Post-Revolutionary Al-Azhar

33. Salafis and Sufis in Egypt

34. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Islamist Participation in a Closing Political Environment

35. Salafism and Radical Politics in Postconflict Algeria

36. Algeria Under Bouteflika: Civil Strife and National Reconciliation

37. Party for Justice and Development in Morocco: Participation and Its Discontents

38. Lebanon's Sunni Islamists: A Growing Force

39. Islamists in Politics: The Dynamics of Participation

40. Reading Khamenei: The World View of Iran's Most Powerful Leader

41. Sufism in Central Asia: A Force for Moderation or a Cause of Politicization?

42. Fighting on Two Fronts: Secular Parties in the Arab World

43. Evaluating Political Reform in Yemen

44. Pushing Toward Party Politics: Kuwait's Islamic Constitutional Movement

45. Islam, Militarism, and the 2007-2008 Elections in Pakistan

46. Reform in Syria: Steering between the Chinese Model and Regime Change

47. The Saudi Labyrinth: Evaluating the Current Political Opening

48. Evaluating Egyptian Reform

49. The Key to Arab Reform: Moderate Islamists

50. Judicial Reform in China: Lessons from Shanghai