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1. African Media Cultures and Chinese Public Relations Strategies in Kenya and Ethiopia

2. How Indonesia Used Chinese Industrial Investments to Turn Nickel into the New Gold

3. China’s Response to Türkiye’s Volatile Authoritarianism

4. Chinese Mining Companies and Local Mobilization in Myanmar

5. Negotiating Local Business Practices With China in Benin

6. How Huawei’s Localization in North Africa Delivered Mixed Returns

7. U.S.-China Technological “Decoupling”: A Strategy and Policy Framework

8. How China’s Foreign Aid Fosters Social Bonds With Central Asian Ruling Elites

9. A Historical Evaluation of China’s India Policy: Lessons for India-China Relations

10. How Malaysian Politics Shaped Chinese Real Estate Deals and Economic Development

11. Localization and China’s Tech Success in Indonesia

12. Russia’s National Security Narrative: All Quiet on the Eastern Front

13. Engaging China on Strategic Stability and Mutual Vulnerability

14. Why Brazil Sought Chinese Investments to Diversify Its Manufacturing Economy

15. What China Is Learning From West African Managerial Practices

16. China Is Playing by Turkey’s Media Rules

17. Hard Cash and Soft Power: When Chinese Firms Win EU Contracts

18. Networks and Competitive Advantage in a Contested World

19. The Road from Galwan: The Future of India-China Relations

20. China’s Improvised Mask Diplomacy in Chile

21. How China and Pakistan Negotiate

22. The Hidden Face of Informal Cross-Border Trade in Tunisia After 2011

23. The Local Roots of Chinese Engagement in Pakistan

24. How Duterte Strong-Armed Chinese Dam-Builders But Weakened Philippine Institutions

25. What Railway Deals Taught Chinese and Brazilians in the Amazon

26. China’s Digital Yuan: An Alternative to the Dollar-Dominated Financial System

27. Chinese Mining and Indigenous Resistance in Ecuador

28. India’s Fog of Misunderstanding Surrounding Nepal–China Relations

29. China’s Influence in South Asia: Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Four Countries

30. China’s Influence in Southeastern, Central, and Eastern Europe: Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Four Countries

31. How Central Asians Pushed Chinese Firms to Localize

32. How China Learned to Harness Israel’s Media and Booming Tech Scene

33. How Argentina Pushed Chinese Investors to Help Revitalize Its Energy Grid

34. Reimagining Nuclear Arms Control: A Comprehensive Approach

35. Toward Accountable Nuclear Deterrents: How Much is Too Much?

36. Is It a Nuke?: Pre-Launch Ambiguity and Inadvertent Escalation

37. At a Crossroads? China-India Nuclear Relations After the Border Clash

38. The Global Expansion of AI Surveillance

39. The Case for Transatlantic Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

40. Tides of Change: China’s Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines and Strategic Stability

41. The Future of Nuclear Power in China

42. China, Economic Development, and Global Security: Bridging the Gaps

43. From Greater Europe to Greater Asia? The Sino-Russian Entente

44. Managing China’s Petcoke Problem

45. Balancing Without Containment: An American Strategy for Managing China

46. The India-Australia Strategic Relationship: Defining Realistic Expectations

47. China's Debt Dilemma: Deleveraging While Generating Growth

48. Balancing Without Containment: An American Strategy for Managing China

49. Crux of Asia: China, India, and the Emerging Global Order

50. U.S.-China Security Perceptions Survey: Findings and Implications