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1. Mitigating the risk of a China–India conflict

2. Losing our agnosticism. How to make Australia’s foreign influence laws work

3. Mapping China's Tech Giants: Reining in China’s technology giants

4. Mapping China's Tech Giants: Supply chains & the global data collection ecosystem

5. What if …? Economic consequences for Australia of a US-China conflict over Taiwan

6. To deter the PRC …

7. Family De-planning: The Coercive Campaign to Drive Down Indigenous Birth-rates in Xinjiang

8. Leaping across the ocean: The port operators behind China's naval expansion

9. Trigger warning. The CCP’s coordinated information effort to discredit the BBC

10. Coming ready or not: Hypersonic weapons

11. Strange bedfellows on Xinjiang: The CCP, fringe media and US social media platforms

12. The Chinese Communist Party’s coercive diplomacy

13. Cultural erasure: Tracing the destruction of Uyghur and Islamic spaces in Xinjiang

14. The flipside of China’s central bank digital currency

15. Economic coercion: Boycotts and sanctions-preferred weapons of war

16. Cyber-enabled foreign interference in elections and referendums

17. The influence environment: A survey of Chinese-language media in Australia

18. Retweeting through the Great Firewall: A persistent and undeterred threat actor

19. Covid-19 attracts patriotic troll campaigns in support of China’s geopolitical interests

20. Covid-19 disinformation and social media manipulation trends

21. The party speaks for you: Foreign interference and the Chinese Communist Party’s united front system

22. Genomic surveillance: Inside China's DNA dragnet

23. Eyes wide open: Managing the Australia-China Antarctic relationship

24. Uyghurs for sale: 'Re-education', forced labour and surveillance beyond Xinjiang

25. Rethinking Taiwan policy: History, politics, ideology

26. Exploring the military and security links of China’s universities.

27. Indo-Pacific immune systems to enable healthy engagement with the Chinese state and China's economy

28. Mapping more of China's tech giants: AI and surveillance

29. How the geopolitical partnership between China and Russia threatens the West

30. Engineering global consent: The Chinese Communist Party's data-driven power expansion

31. A new Sino-Russian high-tech partnership

32. Tweeting through the Great Firewall: Preliminary analysis of PRC-linked information operations against the Hong Kong protests