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601. S-Japan Relations and Southeast Asia: Meeting Regional Demands

602. From Catching Up to Forging Ahead in Advanced Manufacturing—Reflections on China’s Future of Jobshina's Evolving Role in Latin America: Can it Be a Win-Win?

603. Porous Borders: The Study of Illegal Markets from a Sociological Perspective.

604. Permanent Budget Surpluses as a Fiscal Regime

605. Critical Juncture in Cyprus Negotiations

606. Indonesia and China: Friends or Foes? Quality Competition and Firm Productivity

607. Being Special: The Rise of Super Clubs in European Football

608. Value Subtraction in Public Sector Production: Accounting vs Economic Cost of Primary Schooling in India

609. Pyramid Capitalism: Cronyism, Regulation, and Firm Productivity in Egypt

610. The New European Parliament: Towards Economic Recovery

611. Understanding the Great Recession

612. Veiled Repression: Mainstream Economics, Capital Theory, and the Distributions of Income and Wealth

613. The American Dual Economy: Race, Globalization, and the Politics of Exclusion

614. The Greek “Rescue”: Where Did the Money Go?

615. Debt Servicing, Aggregate Consumption, and Growth

616. Innovative Enterprise or Sweatshop Economics? In Search of Foundations of Economic Analysis

617. The Cyclically Adjusted Budget: History and Exegesis of a Fateful Estimate

618. When Credit Bites Back: Leverage, Business Cycles and Crises

619. Working Paper Exploring the Concept of Homeostasis and Considering its Implications for Economics

620. Are Low Interest Rates Deflationary? A Paradox of Perfect- Foresight Analysis

621. Is There a Debt-threshold Effect on Output Growth?

622. Social Interaction Models and Keynes’ Macroeconomics

623. Information and Economics: A New Way to Think About Expectations and to Improve Economic Prediction.

624. Twisting the economic tale: what literature can do that political economy can’t

625. Board Gender Diversity, Audit Fees and Auditor Choice

626. A New Rational Expectations Hypothesis: What Can Economists Really Know About the Future?

627. Input Diffusion and the Evolution of Production Network

628. Discrimination, Social Identity, and Coordination: An Experiment

629. A Relationship and a Practice: On the French Sociology of Credit

630. Politics in the Interest of Capital: A Not-So-Organized Combat

631. Financialization Is Marketization! A Study on the Respective Impact of Various Dimensions of Financialization on the Increase in Global Inequality

632. Export Commodity Prices And Long-Run Growth Of Primary Commodities-Based African Economies

633. An Experimental Game on Entrepreneurship and Labour Protection Policy

634. Canada and Asia: Prosperity and Security

635. The Economic Impact of Huawei in the UK

636. Three Myths Behind the Case for Grexit: A Destructive Analysis

637. Why the UK's Fiscal Charter is Doomed to Fail: An Analysis of Austerity Economics during the First and the Second Cameron Governments

638. Sustainable Northern Development: The Case For An Arctic Development Bank

639. Capital Flows and Capital Account Management in Selected Asian Economies

640. Financial Inclusion and Global Regulatory Standards: An Empirical Study across Developing

641. Understanding Digital Intelligence and the Norms That Might Govern It

642. Internationalization of the Renminbi: Developments, Problems and Influences

643. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone: Backgrounds, Developments and Preliminary Assessment of Initial Impacts

644. Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance Challenges

645. Do Mobile Phone Surveys Work in Poor Countries?

646. State Extraction and Anti-Colonial Rebellion – Quantitative Evidence from the Former German East Africa

647. The Conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Actions Violate HERA and Established Insolvency Principles

648. Agriculture and rural development for inclusive growth and food security in Morocco

649. Investing in Early Childhood Development: What is Being Spent, And What Does it Cost?

650. Power, Markets, and Top Income Shares

651. Guarantees, Subsidies, or Paying for Success? Choosing the Right Instrument to Catalyze Private Investment in Developing Countries

652. Comparing Transnational IPR Policy: Closing the Gap in Canada's Patenting Regime

653. Changing Attitudes under New and Old Systems

654. Building a Sustainable Afghanistan

655. Philanthropy, Welfare Capitalism or Radically Different Global Economic Model: What Would It Take to End Global Poverty within a Generation Based on Historical Growth Patterns?

656. Taxes: Price of Civilization or Tribute to Leviathan?

657. Inequality and Fiscal Redistribution in Middle Income Countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru and South Africa

658. Growth in an uncertain global environment: The outlook for Latin America

659. The Politics of 2 Percent: NATO and the Security Vacuum in Europe

660. Kurdistan’s Politicized Society Confronts a Sultanistic System

661. The Silk Road, Sand Castles and the U.S. China Rivalry

662. Arctic Security Matters

663. Hungary under Orbán: Can Central Planning Revive Its Economy?

664. After the freefall, what to expect from commodity prices

665. Driving sustainable development through better infrastructure: Key elements of a transformation program

666. Happiness and health in China: The paradox of progress

667. Aid procurement and the development of local industry: A question for Africa

668. A Post-Sanctions Iran and the Eurasian Energy Architecture

669. China's Evolving Role in Latin America: Can it Be a Win-Win?

670. Risk Nexus: Overcome by cyber risks? Economic benefits and costs of alternate cyber futures

671. The Case against a Carbon Tax

672. On the Desirability of Nominal GDP Targeting

673. The Supply of Transaction Assets, Nominal Income, and Monetary Policy Transmission

674. International Developments in the Insurance Sector: The Road to Financial Instability?

675. Whose Side Are You On? Identifying the Distributive Preferences of Local Politicians in India

676. Signaling Legitimacy to Foreign Investors: Evidence from Chinese IPOs on U.S. Markets.

677. Responding to Uncertainty: Syndication Partner Choice by Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China.

678. Innovative Clusters & New Work: A Case Study of TaskRabbit

679. Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution

680. Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution

681. Afghan Economic Policy, Institutions and Society Since 2001

682. Inflation and Activity: Two Explorations and Their Monetary Policy Implications

683. Can Foreign Exchange Intervention Stem Exchange Rate Pressures from Global Capital Flow Shocks?

684. Are Capital Inflows Expansionary or Contractionary? Theory, Policy Implications, and Some Evidence

685. Further Statistical Debate on "Too Much Finance"

686. The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment, Intrafirm Trading, and Currency Undervaluation on US Firm Trade Disputes

687. The OECD's "Action Plan" to Raise Taxes on Multinational Corporations

688. Enhancing Financial Stability in Developing Asia

689. The Tradability of Services: Geographic Concentration and Trade Costs

690. Financing SMEs in Europe: Stylised Facts, Policies, Challenges

691. Russia's Pivot to Asia: Myths and Realities

692. Recent Declines in Labor's Share in US Income: A Preliminary Neoclassical Account

693. An Old Boys' Club No More: Pluralism in Participation and Performance at the Olympic Games

694. Testing the Modigliani-Miller Theorem of Capital Structure Irrelevance for Banks

695. The Future of Worldwide Income Distribution

696. Financing Productivity- and Innovation-Led Growth in Developing Asia: International Lessons and Policy Issues

697. The Financial Sector and Growth in Emerging Asian Economies

698. Maintaining Financial Stability in the People's Republic of China during Financial Liberalization

699. The Outlook for Algeria

700. China's New Silk Road Initiative