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301. On the Economic Effects of a Reallocation of EU Cohesion Policy Expenditures

302. Estimating Demand Spillovers of EU Cohesion Policy Using European Regional Input-Output Tables

303. The Effects of the EU Cohesion Policy on Regional Economic Growth: Using Structural Equation Modelling for Impact Assessment

304. Greater than the Sum of its Parts?: How does Austria Profit from a Widening Network of EU Free Trade Agreements?

305. Does Asymmetric Nonlinear Approach Explain the Relationship Between Exchange Rate and Trade of Iran?

306. Refugees’ Integration into the Austrian Labour Market: Dynamics of Occupational Mobility and Job-Skills Mismatch

307. Employers’ Skills Requirements in the Austrian Labour Market: On the Relative Importance of ICT, Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills over the Past 15 Years

308. The Projected Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the U.K. Creative Industries

309. The Economic Impact of Music in Europe

310. Scaling Up Alternatives to Capitalism: A Social Movement Approach to Alternative Organizing (in) the Economy.

311. The Political Economy of Industrial Policy in the European Union.

312. Financing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Botswana Through the Capital Market

313. Key Drivers of Industrial Growth: A Case Study of Botswana’s Manufacturing Sector

314. Ordinary Shareholders' Rights Protection in Botswana

315. Whistleblowing in Botswana's Construction Industry : A Public and Private Sector Perspective

316. How Do International Sanctions End? Towards a Process-Oriented, Relational, and Signalling Perspective

317. The coronavirus pandemic and its challenges to women’s work in Latin America

318. Did Employment Rise or Fall in India between 2011 and 2017? Estimating Absolute Changes in the Workforce

319. Income Distribution and Effective Demand in the Indian Economy

320. Economic Transition, Dualism, and Informality in India: Nature and Patterns of Household-level Transitions

321. Mechanisms of Surplus Appropriation in the Informal Sector: A Case Study of Tribal Migrants in Ahmedabad’s Construction Industry

322. Is the Most Unproductive Firm the Foundation of the Most Efficient Economy? Penrosian Learning Confronts the Neoclassical Fallacy

323. Payment vs. Funding: The Law of Reflux for Today

324. Modeling Myths: On the Need for Dynamic Realism in DICE and other Equilibrium Models of Global Climate Mitigation

325. Who’s Responsible Here? Establishing Legal Responsibility in the Fissured Workplace

326. Private Equity Buyouts in Healthcare: Who Wins, Who Loses?

327. Firm-Level Exposure to Epidemic Diseases: Covid-19, SARS, and H1N1

328. How Much Can the U.S. Congress Resist Political Money? A Quantitative Assessment

329. Profits, Innovation and Financialization in the Insulin Industry

330. Payroll Share, Real Wage and Labor Productivity across US States

331. Lebanon’s economic ship is sinking, taking Hezbollah with it

332. Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad faces renewed challenges at all levels

333. Lebanon’s Economic Collapse: Consequences for Israel

334. Coronavirus and the Campaign against Iran

335. The Impact of Corona on the World Economy

336. Qatari Cash for Hamas Will Backfire on Israel

337. Hezbollah-dominated government emerges in Lebanon

338. Could Congress’ latest Syria sanctions bill backfire?

339. North East, Act East

340. PG&E: Market and Policy Perspectives on the First Climate Change Bankruptcy

341. National Models for Managing Trade of Strategic Goods

342. Russian and Iranian Economic Interests In Syria (Pre-2010 and intra-war period)

343. Driving Growth and Innovation in the Food Industry: Lessons from the Automobile Industry’s CAFE Standards

344. Towards 2022: Options for paying back Zambia's Eurobond Debt

345. Words and Their Silos: Commercial, Governmental, and Academic Support for Japanese Literature and Writing Overseas

346. trade, investment, globalisation, Thailand Economic Consequences of Globalisation: Case Study of Thailand 26 December 2019 The paper reviews empirical works examining the effect of globalisation in Thailand, beginning with a discussion of its integration into the economy. Three drivers of … Read More Malaysia, globalisation, trade Globalisation and Economic Development: Malaysia's Experience 23 December 2019 The economic development of Malaysia has been strongly driven and shaped by globalisation, from the pre-colonial to the post-independence period. The country has harnessed trade, … Read More Australia, economic integration, reform, productivity Economic Consequences of Globalisation: The Australian Framework for Reforms

347. Making Basel III Work for Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

348. Automation and a Changing Economy: The Case for Action

349. Validating India's GDP Growth Estimates

350. How Cities Erode Gender Inequality: A New Theory and Evidence from Cambodia

351. Incentivising Pro-Labour Reforms

352. The Global Impact of Brexit Uncertainty

353. The Political Economy of Europe since 1945: A Kaleckian perspective

354. Europe 1957 to 1979: From the Common Market to the European Monetary System

355. From the EMS to the EMU China

356. Synthetic MMT: Old Line Keynesianism with an Expansionary Twist

357. Big Tech Acquisitions and the Potential Competition Doctrine: The Case of Facebook

358. American Gothic: How Chicago Economics Distorts “Consumer Welfare” in Antitrust

359. Firm-Level Political Risk: Measurement and Effects

360. Expansionary Austerity and Reverse Causality: A Critique of the Conventional Approach

361. State Capacity and Demand for Identity: Evidence from Political Instability in Mali

362. Macroeconomic Management Meets the New Economy

363. Demand-determined potential output: a revision and update of Okun’s original method

364. Technological Disruption in the Global Economy

365. Lost in Deflation: Why Italy’s woes are a warning to the whole Eurozone

366. Economic Consequences of the U.S. Convict Labor System

367. The Knightian Uncertainty Hypothesis: Unforeseeable Change and Muth’s Consistency Constraint in Modeling Aggregate Outcomes

368. The Contributions of Socioeconomic and Opioid Supply Factors to Geographic Variation in U.S. Drug Mortality Rates

369. Labor Laws and Manufacturing Performance in India: How Priors Trump Evidence and Progress Gets Stalled

370. Estimates of the Natural Rate of Interest and the Stance of Monetary Policies: A Critical Assessment

371. Finance in Economic Growth: Eating the Family Cow

372. Cross-Border E-Commerce: WTO discussions and multi-stakeholder roles – stocktaking and practical ways forward

373. The Evolution and Current Status of De Facto Stare Decisis in International Trade and Investment Tribunals: How to Understand the Present by Looking into the Past

374. Tax Audits as Scarecrows: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment

375. Construction of an Extended Environmental and Economic Social Accounting Matrix from a Practitioner’s Perspective

376. Demand-Driven Youth Training Programs: Experimental Evidence from Mongolia

377. Living with the Neighbors: The Effect of Venezuelan Forced Migration on Wages in Colombia

378. Gender Gaps in Labor Informality: The Motherhood Effect

379. Multiple Violations of Labor Market Regulations: Patterns in the Peruvian Labor Market and the Impact of Enforcement

380. Oh Mother: The Neglected Impact of School Disruptions

381. Intra-Household Inequality and Child Welfare in Argentina

382. Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia

383. No Data in the Void: Values and Distributional Conflicts in Empirical Policy Research and Artificial Intelligence

384. The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Capital Market Development in Botswana’s Economy

385. Structural Transformation and Fiscal Policy in Botswana

386. Unemployment in the SADC Region

387. Consumption Inequality in Botswana: The Decomposition of the Gini Coefficient of Consumer Expenditures

388. The Impact of Infrastructure on Economic Growth in Botswana

389. The Impact of Business Regulatory Quality on Private Sector Investment in Botswana

390. Impacts of Access to ICTs on Employment Status in Botswana

391. Financial Inclusion and its Impact on Employment Creation in Botswana

392. Regression Tree Analysis of soil Fertility and Agro-Economic Practices and the Effects on Yield in Tanzania

393. Post-Truth: An Alumni Economist's Perspective

394. Labor Institutions and Development Under Globalization

395. Publishing and Promotion in Economics: The Tyranny of the Top Five

396. Trade And Foreign Direct Investment Nexus In West Africa: Does Export Category Matter?

397. Resource Sovereignty: The Agenda for Africa’s Exit from the State Plunder

398. Economic Impact Analysis of Credit Guarantee Schemes in Eswatini: A Case of the Small Scale Enterprise Loan Guarantee Scheme (SSELGS)

399. An Insight into Community-Based Ecotourism in Eswatini: Theory versus Practice

400. Assessing the Relationship between Brain Drain and the Economy of Eswatini