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3501. The American Economy and the East Asian Crisis: Deconstructing Goldilocks

3502. Transcript: World Economic Update I

3503. Transcript: Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered -- A New Book

3504. Information Technology and Economic Development: An Introduction to the Research Issues

3505. Computers and Labour Markets: International Evidence

3506. Underdevelopment, Transition and Reconstruction in Sub-Saharan Africa

3507. Resource Abundance and Economic Development: Improving the Performance of Resource-Rich Countries

3508. The Role of Knowledge and Capital in Economic Growth

3509. Intermediate Sovereignty As A Basis For Resolving The Kosovo Crisis

3510. Inventory of a Windfall: Milosevic's Gains from the Kosovo Dialogue

3511. Again, the Visible Hand: Slobodan Milosevic's Manipulation of the Kosovo Dispute

3512. Trade Patterns, FDI, and Industrial Restructuring of Central and Eastern Europe

3513. De Gaulle and Europe: Historical Revision and Social Science Theory

3514. Rival Views Of Postcommunist Market Society

3515. Ideas, Culture and Political Analysis Workshop

3516. Emissions and Development in the United States: International Implications

3517. Coping with US - Mexican Interdependence: The NAFTA Response

3518. The Politics of NAFTA: Presidential use of Side Payments

3519. Interest Groups in American Politics: Conceptual Elements and Key Literature

3520. Environmentalism, Free Trade and Regionalism in Theoretical Perspective: An Unholy Developmental Trinity?

3521. Assessing the Rules - Power Debate in Farm Trade: A Case Study of the Canadian-U.S. Free Trade Agreement

3522. Private Equity Investment in Hungary: the Competitive Edge as a Force for Innovation

3523. Human Development: The World After Copehagen

3524. The Dark Side of Social Capital

3525. Health Challenges for the 21st Century

3526. As Mexico Imploded: Action and Inaction in the United States

3527. Trading Places: The Caribbean Faces Europe and the Americas in the Twenty-first Century

3528. Possibilities and Realities of Cuba's Integration into the Caribbean: Perceptions of Cuban Entrepreneurs

3529. Trade Policy Options for Chile: A Quantitative Evaluation

3530. Privatization and Regulation: Lessons from Argentina and Chile

3531. Private Investment as a Financing Source for Microcredit

3532. Time to Reinvent APEC

3533. Cato Institute's 15th Annual Monetary Conference

3534. Mixed Signals

3535. Balancing Positive and Negative Integration: The Regulatory Options for Europe

3536. Sankin Kotai: Institutionalized Trust as the Foundation for Economic Development in the Tokugawa Era

3537. Fast Track to Where? The Future of Free Trade

3538. Exporting U.S. High Tech: Facts and Fiction about the Globalization of Industrial R D

3539. Open Regionalism: Lessons from Latin America for East Asia

3540. APEC beyond Economics: The Politics of APEC

3541. Participatión Ciudadana y Retos Ambientalistas Frente a los Riesgos de la Globalización y del TLCAN

3542. Theoretical Confidence Level Problems with Confidence Intervals for the Spectrum of a Time Series

3543. Money, Politics, and the Post-War Business Cycle

3544. The Accumulation of Human Capital: Alternative Methods and Why They Matter

3545. Hazards in Implementing a Monetary Conditions Index

3546. Regime Switching in the Dynamic Relationship between the Federal Funds Rate and Innovations in Nonborrowed Reserves

3547. Broad Money Demand and Financial Liberalization in Greece

3548. Intellectual Property, Trade, and Economic Development: A Road Map for the FTAA Negotiations

3549. Strategic Global Repositioning and Future Economic Development in Jamaica

3550. Legitimate Rule in the European Union

3551. The Revival of the Nation-State?

3552. Nigeria: Country Profile

3553. The Syndrome of the Ever-Higher Yen, 1971-95: American Mercantile Pressure on Japanese Monetary Policy

3554. A United States Policy for the Changing Realities of East Asia

3555. The Coming Global Pension Crisis: The Aging of the World's Population and Its Implications for Capital Flows

3556. Trojan Horse or Boomerang: Two-Tiered Investment in the Asian Auto Complex

3557. Numbering British Contention, 1758-1834

3558. Nicaraguan Property Disputes

3559. Conference for Global Development Cooperation

3560. Common Sense on Competitiveness