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3401. EastWest Challenges: Energy and Security in the Caucasus and Central Asia


3403. Russia's Shrinking Role in the South

3404. State Power and the Asian Crisis

3405. The Tobin Tax: How to Make it Real. Towards a Socially Responsible and Democratic System of Global Governance

3406. Heterogeneity and Evolution of Expectations: a Model of Currency Crisis

3407. Emissions Trading, Capital Flows and the Kyoto Protocol

3408. The Crisis in Asia: An Empirical Assessment

3409. The Global Economic Impacts of Trade and Financial Reform in China

3410. Regional and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: The Effects on Trade, Investment and Welfare

3411. Rapid Economic Growth in China: Implications for the World Economy

3412. The Transmission of Productivity and Investment Shocks in the Asia Pacific Region

3413. North Korea: How Much Reform and Whose Characteristics?

3414. The Macroeconomic Experience of Japan Since 1990: An Empirical Investigation

3415. Replacing Potemkin Capitalism: Russia's Need for a Free-Market Financial System

3416. In Praise and Criticism of Mexico's Pension Reform

3417. U.S. Assistance for Market Reforms: Foreign Aid Failures in Russia and the Former Soviet Bloc

3418. The Viability of Advanced Welfare States in the International Economy: Vulnerabilities and Options

3419. Ukraine: Challenges of the Continuing Transition

3420. Northeast Asia: Static but Stable

3421. Federalism in Russia: How Is It Working

3422. Public Housing in Washington, D.C.: With Moscow in Mind

3423. Challenging Traditional Participation in Brazil: The Goals of Participatory Budgeting

3424. The Legacy of Habitat II: Issues of Governance

3425. The Political Economy of Energy Taxes, OECD 1973-1995: The Role of Political Institutions, Public Opinion and Ideology (A Pre-Test)

3426. The Myth of Meritocracy? An Inquiry into the Social Origins of Britain's Business Leaders Since 1850

3427. Income Distribution and Convergence: the European Experience, 1870-1992

3428. Industrial Growth Revisited: Manufacturing Output in Greece during the Interwar Period

3429. Nutrition and Economic Destitution in Northern Ghana, 1930-1957. A Historical Perspective on Nutritional Economics

3430. Latin American Trade Strategy at Century's End

3431. Economic Stability and the World Economy

3432. Transcript: World Economic Update III

3433. Transcript: World Economic Update II

3434. Natural Resources and Economic Growth: A Nordic Perspective on the Dutch Disease

3435. Development Discontinuities: Leaders and Intermediaries in Producers' Associations

3436. Resource-Led Growth — A Long-Term Perspective: The Relevance of the 1870-1914 Experience for Today's Developing Economies

3437. Group Behaviour and Development

3438. Economic Theories of the Household: A Critical Review

3439. Inequality in Income and Access to Education: A Cross-Country Analysis

3440. Liberalization, Globalization, and Income Distribution

3441. Wage Reform, Soft Budget Constraints and Competition

3442. The Asian Currency Crisis: Origins, Lessons and Future Outlook

3443. The Weightless Economy in Economic Development

3444. Republika Srpska in The Post-Kosovo Era: Collateral Damage and Transformation

3445. Why Will No One Invest In Bosnia and Herzegovina?

3446. Macedonia Update: Challenges and Choices for the New Government

3447. Macedonia:"New Faces In Skopje"

3448. The State Of Albania

3449. The Globalization of Services: What Has Happened? What Are the Implications?

3450. Hazards and Precautions: Tales of International Finance

3451. Does Talk Matter After All? Inflation Targeting And Central Bank Behavior

3452. Modeling Korean Unification

3453. Sovereign Liquidity Crisis: The Strategic Case For A Payments Standstill

3454. Modell Deutschland as an Interdenominational Compromise

3455. Modell Deutschland as an Interdenominational Compromise

3456. The Nonproliferation Regime under Siege

3457. Climate Change and the Transformation of World Energy Supply

3458. The Chechen Problem: Sources, Developments and Future Prospects

3459. Thinking About the Future: Economic Aspects

3460. Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Latin America

3461. Collective Management of International Financial Crises

3462. International Financial Markets as Sources of Crises or Discipline

3463. Theoretical Explanations of Trade Competitiveness and a North American Application

3464. The Role of the Private Sector in the Evolution of US Technology Policy

3465. Banking Sector Development in Kazakhstan

3466. Strategic Images: Perceptions of Russia in the USA and of America in Russia

3467. EWI Baltic Initiative Fund

3468. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 5: September 9, 1998

3469. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 4: August 31, 1998

3470. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 3: August 27, 1998

3471. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 2: August 25, 1998

3472. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 1: August 20, 1998

3473. Subregional Relations in the Southern Tier: Prospects for Development

3474. Deposit Insurance Funds: An Instrument of Banking Stability and Issues of Authority, Information and Effectiveness

3475. Strategies for EU-Integration

3476. Globalisation: Challenges and Opportunities

3477. After the Crisis: The Social Contract and the Middle Class in East Asia

3478. Perspectives From Four Continents: Solving the Global Public Pensions Crisis

3479. America's Maligned and Misunderstood Trade Deficit

3480. International Capital Mobility and Monetary Politics in the U.S. Congress, 1960–1997

3481. Negotiating Economic Transitions in Liberizing Polities

3482. Curbed Markets?

3483. The State in a Changing World: A Critique of the 1997 World Development Report

3486. Balance on Current Account - As of September 10, 1998

3487. U.S. Government Statistics: R Expenditures as a Percent of GDP

3488. Net Oil Imports - As of November 30, 1998

3489. Focal Points and International Financial Markets: The Maastricht Convergence Criteria

3490. Science, Technology, and the Law

3491. Science and Technology for African Development: Partnerships in a Global Economy

3492. Women Coping with Crisis: Social Consequences of Export-Led Industrialization in the Dominican Republic

3493. Global Economics and Local Politics in Trinidad's Divestment Program

3494. Democracy and Reform in Cardoso's Brazil: Caught Between Clientelism and Global Markets?

3495. Stabilization and Its Discontents: Argentina's Economic Restructuring in the 1990s

3496. The Yen, the Yuan, and the Asian Currency Crisis Changing Fortune between Japan and China

3497. The Korean Currency Crisis: What Can We Learn From It?

3498. Benefits and Burdens: The Politically Dominated Economics of U.S. Alliances with Japan and Korea

3499. The Costs and Benefits of Korean Unification

3500. Energy and Security in East Asia