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3301. Shaping Europe's Migration Policy

3302. What Are the Limits to Economic Integration?

3303. Fiscal Policy Spillovers in the Euro Area: Where Are They?

3304. Seigniorage: An Argument for a National Currency?

3305. Extending Citizenship Rights to Third Country Nationals

3306. What Drove Relative Wages in France? Structural Decomposition Analysis in a General Equilibrium Framework, 1970-92

3307. Is the ECB Sufficiently Accountable and Transparent?

3308. Maastricht the Choice of Exchange Rate Regime in Transition Countires During the Run-Up to EMU

3309. Foreign Direct Investment and Company Taxation in Europe

3310. Economic Integration Between the EU and the CEECS: A Sectoral Study

3311. Who Needs an Extenal Anchor?

3312. What's Trade Got To Do With It? Relative Demand for Skills within Swedish Manufacturing

3313. Skill Upgrading and Production Transfer within Swedish Multinationals in the 1990s

3314. European Labour Markets and the Euro: How Much Flexibility Do We Really Need?

3315. Fiscal Decentralisation Economic Growth in High-Income OECD Countries

3316. Asymmetric Labour Markets in a Converging Europe: Do Differences Matter?

3317. Trade Jobs in Portugal: A Microeconomic Approach

3318. India's Reform Agenda: Micro, Meso and Macro Economic Reforms

3319. "Injustes" sanctions: les constructions internationales de la dénonciation des embargos et l'escalade de la vertu abolitionniste

3320. The Politics of Trade in North America: Comparing Models and Industries

3321. Government - Financial Sector Relations and the New Financial Structure in Mexico

3322. Banking and Finance Assistance

3323. Breaking with Tradition: Service Trade Liberalization in the EU and Germany

3324. Adaptation of the Legal Systems of Candidate Countries - the Case of the Baltic States

3325. Greenland's geopolitical reality and its political-economic consequences

3326. In Tempestuous Waters: Denmark and the WTO Regime

3327. Kosovo: A Strategy for Economic Development

3328. Bosnia's Precarious Economy: Still not Open for Business

3329. Can International Capital Standards Strengthen Banks in Emerging Markets?

3330. Macroeconomic Implications of the New Economy

3331. Finance and Changing US-Japan Relations: Convergence Without Leverage—Until Now

3332. Beyond Bipolar: A Three-Dimensional Assessment of Monetary Frameworks

3333. Rating Banks in Emerging Markets: What Credit Rating Agencies Should Learn From Financial Indicators

3334. Unchanging Innovation and Changing Economic Performance in Japan

3335. IMF Structural Conditionality: How Much Is Too Much?

3336. Foreign Direct Investment in China: Effects on Growth and Economic Performance

3337. Subsidies, Market Closure, Cross-Border Investment, and Effects on Competition: The Case of FDI in the Telecommunications Sector

3338. Price Level Convergence and Inflation in Europe

3339. Governance and Politics of the Internet Economy–Historical Transformation or Ordinary Politics with a New Vocabulary?

3340. Decentralized Cooperation and the Future of Regulatory Reform

3341. The Place of the Defense Industry in National Systems of Innovation

3342. Kalmykia: From Oblivion to Reassertion?

3343. Basic Principles of Sustainable Development

3344. Trade Liberalization and Pollution Intensive Industry in Developing Countries: A Partial Equilibrium Approach

3345. Learning from each other in North and South: Local Agenda 21 in Germany and the Republic of Korea

3346. Behind the Myth of the Mittelstand Economy. The Institutional Environment Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Germany

3347. Key Factors of Structural Change in North Rhine-Westphalia

3348. 2nd IAI-SWP Review Conference on the Mediterranean

3349. Euro Spectator 2000 - Italy

3350. Globalization and Its Impact Across Sectors

3351. Reducing Urban and Industrial Pollution in Chile

3352. Creating a Global Economy

3353. Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts

3354. Battling International Bribery 2000

3355. Prospects for WTO Trade Negotiations After Seattle: Foreign Strategies and Perspectives

3356. The Global Infectious Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States

3357. Urban Violence in São Paulo

3358. Governance, Urban Environment, and the Growing Role of Civil Society

3359. Does FDI Increase Firm Value in Emerging Markets?

3360. U.S. Government Statistics: R Expenditures as a Percent of GDP

3361. New Answers To Old Questions: Explaining The Slow Adoption Of Ring Spinning In Lancashire, 1880-1913

3362. The 'Labour Question' in Nineteenth Century Brazil: Railways, Export Agriculture and Labour Scarcity

3363. Distribution Dynamics: Stratification, Polarization and Convergence Among OECD Economies, 1870-1992

3364. Competition and Innovation in 1950's Britain

3365. From Economic Convergence to Convergence in Affluence? Income Growth, Household Expenditure and the Rise of Mass Consumption in Britain and West Germany, 1950-1974

3366. Market Integration in the North and Baltic Seas, 1500-1800

3367. Development History

3368. Altruism and Imperialism: The Western Religious and Cultural Missionary Enterprise in the Middle East

3369. Moving Beyond Privatization in Latin America: The Government/Business Relationship

3370. Transnational Organized Crime: The Caribbean Context

3371. An Essay on Child Labor in Sub-Saharan Africa—A bargaining approach

3372. Globalisation and industrial location: The impact of trade policy when geography matters

3373. Patterns of Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa—A simple test of the new trade theory with multinationals

3374. Foreign Ownership, R, and Technology Sourcing

3375. Consumer-Directed Home and Community Services Programs in Five Countries: Policy Issues for Older People and Government

3376. Local Administration of Social Assistance Programs in Russia

3377. Regional Economic Development in Eastern Europe: An Example from Poland

3378. Wage Coordination and the Welfare State: Germany and Japan Compared

3379. Human Capital and the Quality of Growth

3380. Natural Resources, Human Capital, and Growth

3381. A Financial Architecture for Middle-Class-Oriented Development

3382. A New Beginning: Recasting the U.S.-Japan Economic Relationship

3383. Economic Crisis and Corporate Reform in East Asia

3384. The Paradox of Free Market Democracy: Indonesia and the Problems Facing Neoliberal Reform

3385. Cultural Contradictions of Post-Communism: Why Liberal Reforms Did Not Succeed in Russia

3386. Institutions Structural Unemployment: Do Capital-Market Imperfections Matter?

3387. The Changing Nature and Determinants of EU Trade Policies

3388. One Size Must Fit All: National Divergences in a Monetary Union

3389. The International Trade of Multinational Firms: The Empirical Behaviour of Intrafirm Trade in a Gravity Equation Model

3390. Technical Barriers to Trade in the European Union: Importance for Accession Countries

3391. Goodbye, Agenda 2000, Hello Agenda 2003: Effects of the Berlin Summit on Own Resources, Expenditures, and EU Net Balances

3392. Consumer Credit in the European Union

3393. The Strategic Implications of Terrorism

3394. El TLCAN y la Inversióon Extranjera Directa: El Nuevo Escenario

3395. International Explanations for Stock Market Opening

3396. EMU Effects on International Trade and Investment

3397. The Impact of EMU on European Transition Economies

3398. Information Technology and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis

3399. Serbia: The Milosevic Regime on the Eve of September Elections

3400. Serbia's Grain Trade: Milosevic's Hidden Cash Crop