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3101. Productivity Shocks, Habits, and the Current Account

3102. Testing the Null of Identification in GMM

3103. Factor Endowments and Industrial Structurev

3104. Recent U.S. Macroeconomic Stability: Good Policies, Good Practices, or Good Luck?

3105. Optimal Monetary Policy with Durable and Non-Durable Goods

3106. A Theory of the Currency Denomination of International Trade

3107. Regional Inflation in a Currency Union: Fiscal Policy vs. Fundamentals

3108. Inflation Dynamics and International Linkages: A Model of the United States, the Euro Area, and Japan

3109. Macroeconomics of International Price Discrimination

3110. Finding Numerical Results to Large Scale Economic Models Using Path-Following Algorithms: A Vintage Capital Example

3111. Preventing Deflation: Lessons From Japan's Experience in the 1990s

3112. International Comparisons of Productivity Growth: The Role of Information Technology and Regulatory Practices

3113. A Guide to Choosing Absolute Bank Capital Requirements

3114. To What Extent Will the Banking Industry be Globalized? A Study of Bank Nationality and Reach in 20 European Nations

3115. Equity Prices, Household Wealth, and Consumption Growth in Foreign Industrial Countries: Wealth Effects in the 1990s

3116. International Coordination of Macroeconomic Policies: Still Alive in the New Millennium?

3117. Financial Centers and the Geography of Capital Flows

3118. Annual Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress, MAR 2002

3119. Regional Influences on U.S. Monetary Policy: Some Implications for Europe

3120. Identifying VARs Based on High Frequency Futures Data

3121. Inflation Targeting and Nominal Income Growth Targeting: When and Why Are They Suboptimal?

3122. On the Sequencing of Projects, Reputation Building, and Relationship Finance

3123. Determinants and Repercussions of the Composition of Capital Inflows

3124. Terrorism's Financial Lifeline: Can It be Severed?

3125. Inequalities in the Light of Globalization

3126. Precocious British Industrialization: A General Equilibrium Perspective

3127. Social Insurance Regimes: crises and 'reform' in the Argentine and Brazil, since c. 1900

3128. The Argentine Implosion

3129. Divergence and dispersion in the Russian economy

3130. Economic Convergence through Savings, Trade and Technology Flows—Lessons from Recent Research

3131. International R Spillovers and the Effect of Absorptive Capacity

3132. Multinationals Searching for R Spillovers

3133. International R Spillovers and the Absorptive Capacity of Multinationals

3134. Immigrant Well-Being in New York and Los Angeles

3135. The Community Capacity Fund: Understanding its Role in Strengthening the Washington, D.C. Region After 9/11

3136. Measuring Unemployment Benefit Recipiency in New Zealand

3137. Regulatory Europeanization, National Autonomy and Regulatory Effectiveness: Marketing Authorization for Pharmaceuticals

3138. The European Social Model: Coping with the Challenges of Diversity

3139. Breaking the Path of Institutional Development? Alternatives to the New Determinism

3140. How Reliable is Pooled Analysis in Political Economy? The Globalization-Welfare State Nexus Revisited

3141. Political Parties, Institutions, and the Dynamics of Social Expenditure in Times of Austerity

3142. Non-Cooperative Dynamics of Multi-Agent Teams

3143. Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Civil Violence: Guatemala 1977-1986

3144. Russia's Decline and Uncertain Recovery

3145. Fixing Argentina

3146. Rethinking the Export-Import Bank

3147. Tax Reforms and "Modell Deutschland": Lessons from Four Years of Red-Green Tax-Policy

3148. Lessons of the Euro for the Rest of the World

3149. The Enlargement Challenge: Can Monetary Union be Made to Work in an EU of 25 Members?

3150. Art, Technology and Intellectual Property

3151. Political Office, Kinship, and Household Wealth in Rural China

3152. The Growth of Broadband Internet Connections in South Korea: Contributing Factors

3153. Privatization and Elite Mobility: Rural China, 1979-1996

3154. Foreign Penetration of Japan's Investment-Banking Market: Will Japan Experience the "Wimbledon Effect"?

3155. U.S. Policy in the Andean Region

3156. America and the Global Energy Challenge

3157. How Shareholder Reforms Can Pay Foreign Policy Dividends

3158. Monetary Policy Rules and the International Monetary Transmission

3159. Estimating the Effects of Fiscal Policy in OECD Countries

3160. Improving the Governance of European Foreign Aid: Development Co-Operation as an Element of Foreign Policy

3161. The Economic Impact of Enlargement on the European Economy: Problems and Perspectives

3162. Outsourcing and Inequality

3163. Who Needs Foreign Banks?

3164. Interdependent Growth in the EU: The Role of Trade

3165. Making EU Trade Agreements Work: The Role of Rules of Origin

3166. The Development of European Citizenship and its Relevance to the Integration of Refugees

3167. Consumer Credit Rates in the Eurozone: Evidence on the Emergence of a Single Retail Banking Market

3168. The Measure of India: What Makes Greatness?

3169. India's Slow Conversion to Market Economics

3170. Privatization: From Policy Formulation to Implementation: The View from the Inside

3171. Crime, Terror and the Central Asia Drug Trade

3172. Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crime: the emerging nexus

3173. Well-Rooted? Land Tenure and the Challenges of Globalization

3174. Understanding Regional Economic Growth in India

3175. A Decade of Economic Reforms in India: The Unfinished Agenda

3176. Targeted Programs in an Economic Crisis: Empirical Findings from Indonesia’s Experience

3177. Small Producer Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Integrating Household Structure and Economic Circumstance in Behavioral Explanation

3178. Globalization and Catching-up in Emerging Market Economies

3179. The Benefits and Costs of Group Affiliation: Evidence from East Asia

3180. The Macroeconomic Repercussions of Agricultural Shocks and their Implications for Insurance

3181. Financial Regulation and Supervision in Emerging Markets. The Experience of Latin America since the Tequila Crisis

3182. Debt Relief under the HIPC Initiative. Context and Outlook for Debt Sustainability and Resource Flows

3183. Assessing the Impact of Fiscal Policy on Poverty

3184. International Bank Lending. Water Flowing Uphill?

3185. Countercyclical Fiscal Policy. A Review of the Literature, Empirical Evidence and some Policy Proposals

3186. Aid, Public Sector Fiscal Behaviour and Developing Country Debt

3187. Producing an Improved Geographic Profile of Poverty: Methodology and Evidence from Three Developing Countries

3188. One Third of the World's Growth and Inequality

3189. (Re)Distribution of Personal Incomes, Education and Economic Performance Across Countries

3190. Non-Financial Corporate Risk Management and Exchange Rate Volatility in Latin America

3191. Does a Switch of Budget Regimes Constrain Managerial Discretion? Evidence for Italian Public Enterprises' Investment

3192. Why isn't there more Financial Intermediation in Developing Countries?

3193. Insolvency and Debt Recovery Procedures in Economic Development: An Overview of African Law

3194. The Gradual Erosion of the Social Security Function of Customary Land Tenure Arrangements in Lineage-Based Societies

3195. The Growth Elasticity of Poverty

3196. Poverty Incidence and Sectoral Growth: Evidence from Southeast Asia

3197. How Economic Growth Reduces Poverty: A General Equilibrium Analysis for Indonesia

3198. Hardening a Soft Budget Constraint Through 'Upward Devolution' to a Supranational Institution: The Case of Italian State-Owned Firms and the European Union

3199. Privatization in sub-Saharan Africa: On Factors Affecting Implementation

3200. Understanding the Silicon Valley Phenomena