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17141. The Transmission of Productivity and Investment Shocks in the Asia Pacific Region

17142. North Korea: How Much Reform and Whose Characteristics?

17143. The Macroeconomic Experience of Japan Since 1990: An Empirical Investigation

17144. Drug Trafficking on the Great Silk Road: The Security Environment in Central Asia

17145. Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention: Illusory Benefits and Nasty Side Effects

17146. Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers the Hidden Costs of Spending on Defense and Foreign Aid

17147. Replacing Potemkin Capitalism: Russia's Need for a Free-Market Financial System

17148. Blunder in the Balkans: The Clinton Administration's Bungled War against Serbia

17149. Old Wine in New Bottles: The Pentagon's East Asia Security Strategy Report

17150. Is Readiness Overrated? Implications for a Tiered Readiness Force Structure

17151. In Praise and Criticism of Mexico's Pension Reform

17152. National Missile Defense: Examining the Options

17153. U.S. Assistance for Market Reforms: Foreign Aid Failures in Russia and the Former Soviet Bloc

17154. Tilting at Windmills: Post-Cold War Military Threats to U.S. Security

17155. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: The Costs Outweigh the Benefits

17156. Japanese Entrepreneurship: Can the Silicon Valley Model Be Applied to Japan?

17157. Accessing Venture Capital in India

17158. Assessing U.S. Bilateral Security Alliances in the Asia Pacific's "Southern Rim": Why the San Francisco System Endures

17159. Containment by Stealth: Chinese Views of and Policies toward America's Alliances with Japan and Korea after the Cold War

17160. Catch-Up; Why Poor Countries Are Becoming Richer, Democratic, Increasingly Peaceable, and Sometimes More Dangerous