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16961. Interests, Schminterests: Precision in Descriptions of and Assumptions About State Motivations

16962. Civic and Ethnic Allegiances: Competing Visions of Nationalist Discourse in the Horn of Africa

16963. 'Rogue' States and International Relations

16964. Contested State and Competitive State: Managing the Economy in A Democratic Taiwan

16965. Domestic Politics and International Relations in Trade Policymaking: The United States and Japan and the Gatt Uruguay Round Agriculture Negotiations

16966. The Political Economy of Energy Taxes, OECD 1973-1995: The Role of Political Institutions, Public Opinion and Ideology (A Pre-Test)

16967. Research on the Effectiveness of International Environmental Regimes: A Review of the State of the Art

16968. Conflict-Cooperation for Interstate and Intrastate Interactions: An Expansion of the Goldstein Scale

16969. Unveiling Human Rights: A Postcolonial Feminist Analysis of Women, Veiling, Human Rights and Western Geopolitical Discourse

16970. Ideas Toolkit: The Role of Culture in the Transboundary Air Pollution Issue in Northeast Asia

16971. Ethnic Conflict in South Asia

16972. Processes and Mechanisms of Democratization

16973. "Contentious Europeans: Is There a European Repertoire of Collective Action?";

16974. The Myth of Meritocracy? An Inquiry into the Social Origins of Britain's Business Leaders Since 1850

16975. Income Distribution and Convergence: the European Experience, 1870-1992

16976. Industrial Growth Revisited: Manufacturing Output in Greece during the Interwar Period

16977. Nutrition and Economic Destitution in Northern Ghana, 1930-1957. A Historical Perspective on Nutritional Economics

16978. The Mined Road to Peace in Guatemala

16979. Latin American Trade Strategy at Century's End

16980. Social Funds in Stabilization and Adjustment Programmes