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16941. Ukraine: Challenges of the Continuing Transition

16942. Northeast Asia: Static but Stable

16943. Recent Chinese Leadership Priorities and Their Implications for the United States Findings

16944. Federalism in Russia: How Is It Working

16945. Population, Urbanization, Environment, and Security: A Summary of the Issues

16946. Organized Crime: Its Influence on International Security and Urban Community Life in the Industrial Cities of the Urals

16947. Public Housing in Washington, D.C.: With Moscow in Mind

16948. Challenging Traditional Participation in Brazil: The Goals of Participatory Budgeting

16949. The Legacy of Habitat II: Issues of Governance

16950. Yet Another Transition? Urbanization, Class Formation, and the End of National Liberation Struggle in South Africa

16951. Territorial Exclusion and Violence: The Case of São Paulo, Brazil

16952. Ethnicity, Capital Formation, and Conflict

16953. Illuminating Tomorrow's War

16954. The Revolution in Military Affairs: Allied Perspectives

16955. Protecting Human Rights: The Challenge to Humanitarian Organizations

16956. A Humanitarian Practitioner's Guide to International Human Right Law

16957. Security and Development in the Lens of Complexity Theory: The Baltic and Russia, A.D. 1000 to 2000

16958. Explaining Political Corruption: An Institutional-Choice Approach

16959. Popes, Kings and Endogenous Institutions: The Concordat of Worms and the Origins of Sovereignty

16960. Neorealism's Logic and Evidence: When is a Theory Falsified?