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401. Chaos in the Palestinian Authority: From Counter-Terrorism to Reconstruction

402. Difficulties in the Negotiations with Iran: Implications for Israel

403. The Bus Attack in the Jordan Valley: The Ethos of Resistance Increasingly Shapes the Palestinian Campaign

404. War or Peace? Turkish Moves in Syria

405. The American Withdrawal from Afghanistan, One Year Later

406. The Israeli Economy in an Uncertain Global Environment

407. Normalization between Turkey and Israel: Will it Last?

408. To What Extent is Israel Prepared for the Growing Threat of UAVs?

409. Two are Better than One: The Role of Qatar and Egypt in Gaza

410. The State Comptroller’s Report on Cities with Mixed Jewish and Arab Populations in May 2021

411. Non-Enforcement of the Law on Appropriate Representation in Israel: Implications for Social Resilience

412. Putin and Erdogan Meet in Sochi: Another Challenge to the Western Bloc

413. The Abraham Accords, Two Years On: Impressive Progress, Multiple Challenges, and Promising Potential

414. Saudi Arabia and Israel: Normalization at a Snail’s Pace

415. The Rift in Fatah, which Threatens Security Stability, is a Challenge – and Not Only for Israel

416. Gazan Workers in Israel: Implications for Employment Regulations

417. Operation Breaking Dawn: Following the Successful Entry, an Exit Strategy is Required

418. The Tenth NPT Review Conference: In the Shadow of Russian Aggression in Ukraine

419. Stateliness, IDF style

420. China below the Radar: Israel-US Strategic Dialogue on Technology

421. The Iranian-Russian-Turkish Summit in Tehran

422. Cyber Challenges and Foreign Influence in the Upcoming Knesset Elections

423. Tehran Heightens the Pressure as it Strives to Thwart a Regional Air Defense System

424. Resolving the Gas Dispute with Lebanon: First Exhaust Diplomatic Efforts

425. Transportation and National Security

426. Five Good Years for the Campaign between Wars in Syria: What Comes Next?

427. Hezbollah Challenges Israel: Time to Rethink the Policy of Restraint

428. An Israeli National Guard?

429. President Biden's Visit to the Middle East: Recommendations for Israel

430. Macron Put Down, France in Crisis: Implications for Israel

431. The Race to Electric Vehicles: Technology, US-China Rivalry, and Big Money

432. Hezbollah’s Political Challenges following the Elections in Lebanon

433. The Iranian Nuclear Program Advances, with only a Slim Chance of Restoring Nuclear Agreement

434. Improving the Palestinian Authority’s Fiscal Outlook

435. Between Erdogan, Mitsotakis, and Biden: The Evolving Ankara-Athens-Washington Triangle

436. The Gulf States and the Palestinian Authority: On the Brink of Change?

437. The Unavoidable Campaign to Destroy the Jenin Terrorist Hub

438. Growing Disagreements between President Raisi and his Conservative Rivals

439. US Relations with Arab Gulf States: A Passing Crisis?

440. The Cognitive War between Israel and Hamas: Implications and Recommendations

441. A Gateway to Africa? Economic Opportunities in Israel-Morocco Relations

442. High-Power Laser Applications on the Future Battlefield

443. Undocumented Palestinian workers in Israel: Did the Israeli COVID-19 Policy Boost their Employment?

444. Demonstrations in Iran in Protest of the Sharp Rise in Prices of Basic Goods

445. Iraq-Gulf Relations: An Anchor for Stability and Restraining Iranian Involvement in the Region?

446. The Struggle for De Facto Sovereignty over the Temple Mount

447. The Upcoming Elections in Lebanon: Dubious Possibilities for Change

448. One Month after the Start of the Escalation: The Fog Dissipates

449. The War in Ukraine: More Western Aid and Fear of Escalation

450. The Gulf Countries and Turkey: (Re-)Drawing the Map of Alliances in the Middle East

451. The Russia-Ukraine War: Where Do We Go from Here?

452. Between ISIS and Arab Citizens of Israel

453. Seven Years Later: Is the War in Yemen Nearly Over?

454. Stalemate in Talks with Iran on a Return to the Nuclear Agreement

455. Investigation of Russia's Crimes in Ukraine: A Turning Point for the International Criminal Court?

456. A Multi-Front Terror Campaign: How Should Israel Respond?

457. Walking a Fine Line: Turkey’s Mediation between Russia and Ukraine, and Relations with the West

458. The Ukrainian Civil Front – An Interim Assessment

459. Nonetheless, We Need to Maneuver

460. After the Russian “Ruse,” China Looks for New Friends

461. With Ramadan Approaching, the Fear of Escalation

462. MF Dollars for Dictators? The Allocation of SDR to Moderate and Isolated Countries

463. The Russian Bear and the Molotov Cocktail: The Palestinians and the Crisis in Ukraine

464. Intelligence and the War in Ukraine: The Limited Power of Public Disclosure

465. Will Russia Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?

466. The United States and the Ukrainian Crisis: Implications for the Internal Arena and the Great Power Competition

467. The War in Ukraine and Strategic Hedging by Arab Countries

468. Underreporting of Russian Investments Abroad: Are the Sanctions Undermined?

469. The War in Ukraine: The Challenge of Shaping an Endgame

470. The Second Republic of Iran: Is Iran Moving toward a Constitutional Change?

471. Is Ukraine Poised to Join NATO and the European Union?

472. Putin’s Dilemma

473. Egypt and Israel: Renewable Energies for Peace

474. Germany and the Ukraine Crisis: End of the Age of Illusions

475. A Rising and Falling Alarm: A Strategy for a Joint Exercise in the Home Front Command

476. The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Legal Aspects

477. Hezbollah's Efforts to Restore its Domestic Standing: The Israeli Card

478. Qatar’s Regional and International Standing is on the Rise

479. The Ukraine Crisis: An Interim Analysis

480. FDI Spillover Effects on Innovation Activities of Knowledge-using and Knowledge-creating Firms: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

481. What Drives Credit Risk? Empirical Evidence from Southeast Europe

482. Industrial Robots, and Information and Communication Technology: The Employment Effects in EU Labour Markets

483. Does my Computer Protect me from Burnout? Cross-country Evidence on the Impact of ICT use within the Job Demands-Resources Model

484. Comparative Advantages in the Digital Era – A Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek Approach

485. The Impact of ICT and Intangible Capital Accumulation on Labour Demand Growth and Functional Income Shares

486. Salmonella Program in the European Union and the Trade Dispute with Brazil at the World Trade Organisation: A Partial Equilibrium Framework

487. The Cyclical Behaviour of Fiscal Policy During the Covid-19 Crisis

488. Does environmental policy uncertainty hinder investments towards a low-carbon economy?

489. Cumulative Climate Shocks and Migratory Flows: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

490. Introducing Third Way’s US-China Digital World Order Initiative

491. World Economy Autumn 2022: Global growth falters

492. German Economy Summer 2022: Slowly progressing recovery

493. World economy in summer 2022: Inflation is curbing global growth

494. German Economy Spring 2022: Recovery at risk – Soaring Inflation

495. Russia-Ukraine: Dangerous Stalemate

496. Hidden Defaults

497. The politicized pandemic: Ideological polarization and the behavioral response to COVID-19*

498. Place-based policies and agglomeration economies: Firm-level evidence from Special Economic Zones in India

499. Cutting through the Value Chain: The Long-Run Effects of Decoupling the East from the West

500. Do various innovation linkages enhance innovation? International evidence