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17101. Old Wine in New Bottles: The Pentagon's East Asia Security Strategy Report

17102. Is Readiness Overrated? Implications for a Tiered Readiness Force Structure

17103. In Praise and Criticism of Mexico's Pension Reform

17104. National Missile Defense: Examining the Options

17105. U.S. Assistance for Market Reforms: Foreign Aid Failures in Russia and the Former Soviet Bloc

17106. Tilting at Windmills: Post-Cold War Military Threats to U.S. Security

17107. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: The Costs Outweigh the Benefits

17108. Civil Society, the Public Sector, and Poor Communities

17109. The Internet Society and its Struggle for Recognition and Influence

17110. The Viability of Advanced Welfare States in the International Economy: Vulnerabilities and Options

17111. Social Funds in Stabilization and Adjustment Programmes

17112. Regulation of Social Services in the Least Developed Countries: What are the Issues at Stake?

17113. IMF Model and Resource-Abundant Transition Economies: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

17114. Natural Resources and Economic Growth: A Nordic Perspective on the Dutch Disease

17115. Development Discontinuities: Leaders and Intermediaries in Producers' Associations

17116. On the Regulation of Telecommunications Markets

17117. Resource-Led Growth — A Long-Term Perspective: The Relevance of the 1870-1914 Experience for Today's Developing Economies

17118. Group Behaviour and Development

17119. Economic Theories of the Household: A Critical Review

17120. Inequality in Income and Access to Education: A Cross-Country Analysis

17121. Liberalization, Globalization, and Income Distribution

17122. Wage Reform, Soft Budget Constraints and Competition

17123. The Asian Currency Crisis: Origins, Lessons and Future Outlook

17124. The Weightless Economy in Economic Development

17125. The Chechen Problem: Sources, Developments and Future Prospects

17126. Denmark and the Northern Dimension

17127. The International System of the 21st Century

17128. And Never the Twain Shall Meet ? The EU's Quest for Legitimacy and Enlargement

17129. EU and Legitimacy - The Challenge of Compatibility: A Danish Case Study

17130. Japanese Entrepreneurship: Can the Silicon Valley Model Be Applied to Japan?

17131. Accessing Venture Capital in India

17132. Assessing U.S. Bilateral Security Alliances in the Asia Pacific's "Southern Rim": Why the San Francisco System Endures

17133. Containment by Stealth: Chinese Views of and Policies toward America's Alliances with Japan and Korea after the Cold War

17134. Catch-Up; Why Poor Countries Are Becoming Richer, Democratic, Increasingly Peaceable, and Sometimes More Dangerous

17135. Crisis and Aftermath: The Prospects for Institutional Change in Japan

17136. Nesting the Alliances in the Emerging Context of Asia-Pacific Multilateral Processes: A U.S. Perspective

17137. When Realism and Liberalism Coincide: Russian Views of U.S. Alliances in Asia

17138. Adjusting America's Two Alliances in East Asia: A Japanese View

17139. Changing Relations between Party, Military, and Government in North Korea and Their Impact on Policy Direction

17140. China and the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Korea Alliances in a Changing Northeast Asia

17141. New Estimates of the United States - China Trade Balances

17142. Seoul Domestic Policy and the Korean-American Alliance

17143. Japan-ROK Security Relations: An American Perspective

17144. The Korean-American Alliance and the "Rise of China": A Preliminary Assessment of Perceptual Changes and Strategic Choices

17145. Asian Alliances and American Politics

17146. Show of Force: The PLA and the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis

17147. The Internet and Global Telecommunications: Exploring the Boundaries of International Coordination

17148. Toward Sustainable Competition in Global Telecommunications: From Principle to Practice

17149. Media Madness: The Revolution So Far

17150. The Global Wave of Entrepreneurialism: Harnessing the Synergies of Personal Initiative, Digital Technologies, and Global Commerce

17151. Information Literacy: Advancing Opportunities for Learning in the Digital Age

17152. Iraq's Transition: On a Knife Edge

17153. Rule of Law in Public Administration: Confusion and Discrimination in a Post-Communist Bureaucracy

17154. Trepca: Making Sense of the Labyrinth

17155. Starting from Scratch in Kosovo: The Honeymoon Is Over

17156. Is Dayton Failing?: Bosnia Four Years After the Peace Agreement

17157. Waiting For UNMIK: Local Administration in Kosovo

17158. Macedonia: Gearing up for Presidential Elections

17159. Transforming Serbia: the Key to Long Term Stability

17160. Who's Who in Kosovo

17161. Montenegro Briefing: Calm Before the Storm

17162. Preventing Minority Return in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Anatomy of Hate and Fear

17163. Rule Over Law: Obstacles to the Development of an Independent Judiciary in BIH

17164. Republika Srpska in The Post-Kosovo Era: Collateral Damage and Transformation

17165. Back To The Future: Milosevic Prepares for Life After Kosovo

17166. The New Kosovo Protectorate

17167. Macedonia: Towards Destabilisation? The Kosovo crisis takes its toll on Macedonia

17168. Kosovo: Let's Learn from Bosnia

17169. Milosevic's Aims in War and Diplomacy

17170. Why Will No One Invest In Bosnia and Herzegovina?

17171. War in The Balkans: Consequences of the Kosovo Conflict and Future Options for Kosovo and the Region

17172. Republika Srpska - Poplasen, Brcko and Kosovo: Three Crises and Out?

17173. Macedonia Update: Challenges and Choices for the New Government

17174. Unifying The Kosovar Factions: The Way Forward

17175. Kosovo: The Road To Peace Critical Implementation Issues And a "Who's Who" of Key Players

17176. Sidelining Slobodan: Getting rid of Europe's last dictator

17177. Breaking The Mould: Electoral Reform In Bosnia And Herzegovina

17178. Brcko: A Comprehensive Solution

17179. Macedonia:"New Faces In Skopje"

17180. The State Of Albania

17181. Too Little Too Late: Implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration

17182. Regional Burden-Sharing for Humanitarian Action

17183. Underwriting Humanitarian Assistance

17184. The Globalization of Services: What Has Happened? What Are the Implications?

17185. Hazards and Precautions: Tales of International Finance

17186. Does Talk Matter After All? Inflation Targeting And Central Bank Behavior

17187. Modeling Korean Unification

17188. Sovereign Liquidity Crisis: The Strategic Case For A Payments Standstill

17189. Modell Deutschland as an Interdenominational Compromise

17190. Modell Deutschland as an Interdenominational Compromise

17191. Environmental Quality and Regional Conflict

17192. From Civil War to Civil Society: The Transition from War to Peace in Guatemala and Liberia

17193. Developing a Methodology for Conflict Prevention: The Case of Estonia

17194. Transparency Project

17195. The Geopolitics of Energy Development in the Caspian Region: Regional Cooperation or Conflict?

17196. The Cox Committee Report: An Assessment

17197. The U.S. Military and Civil Infrastructure Protection: Restrictions and Discretion under the Posse Comitatus Act

17198. The Nonproliferation Regime under Siege

17199. Commercialization of Russian Technology in Cooperation with American Companies

17200. Climate Change and the Transformation of World Energy Supply