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17001. The Paradox of Free Market Democracy: Indonesia and the Problems Facing Neoliberal Reform

17002. Sustainable Development and the Open-Door Policy in China

17003. Cultural Contradictions of Post-Communism: Why Liberal Reforms Did Not Succeed in Russia

17004. China, Nuclear Weapons, and Arms Control: A Preliminary Assessment

17005. The United States, Japan, and China: Setting the Course

17006. Humanitarian Intervention: Crafting a Workable Doctrine

17007. Future Visions for U.S. Defense Policy : Four Alternatives Presented as Presidential Speeches

17008. Toward Greater Peace and Security in Colombia: Forging a Constructive U.S. Policy

17009. Institutions Structural Unemployment: Do Capital-Market Imperfections Matter?

17010. The Changing Nature and Determinants of EU Trade Policies

17011. The 'Cyprus Question': Reshaping Community Identities and Elite Interests within a Wider European Framework

17012. The Future of the Caucasus after the Second Chechen War

17013. One Size Must Fit All: National Divergences in a Monetary Union

17014. The International Trade of Multinational Firms: The Empirical Behaviour of Intrafirm Trade in a Gravity Equation Model

17015. Technical Barriers to Trade in the European Union: Importance for Accession Countries

17016. Goodbye, Agenda 2000, Hello Agenda 2003: Effects of the Berlin Summit on Own Resources, Expenditures, and EU Net Balances

17017. Consumer Credit in the European Union

17018. Bosnia's November Elections: Dayton Stumbles

17019. Montenegro: Which Way Next?

17020. War Criminals in Bosnia's Republika Srpska: Who are the People in Your Neighbourhood?

17021. Reaction in Kosovo to Kostunica's Victory

17022. Sanctions Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

17023. Yugoslavia's Presidential Elections: The Serbian People's Moment of Truth

17024. Current Legal Status of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) and of Serbia and Montenegro

17025. Macedonian Government Expects Setback in Local Elections

17026. Kosovo Report Card

17027. Albania's Local Elections: A Test of Stability and Democracy

17028. Serbia: The Milosevic Regime on the Eve of September Elections

17029. Macedonia's Ethnic Albanians: Bridging the Gulf

17030. Elections in Kosovo: Moving Towards Democracy?

17031. Reality Demands: Documenting Violations of International Humanitarian Law in Kosovo 1999

17032. Serbia's Grain Trade: Milosevic's Hidden Cash Crop

17033. Kosovo's Linchpin: Overcoming Division In Mitrovica

17034. Bosnia's refugee logjam breaks: is the international community ready?

17035. Serbia's Embattled Opposition

17036. Montenegro's Local Elections: Testing the National Temperature (Background Briefing)

17037. Montenegro's Socialist People's Party: A Loyal Opposition?

17038. Bosnia's Municipal Elections 2000: Winners and Losers

17039. Reunifying Mostar: Opportunities for Progress

17040. Montenegro: In the Shadow of the Volcano

17041. What Happened to the KLA?

17042. Albania: State of the Nation

17043. Denied Justice: Individuals Lost in a Legal Maze

17044. Albanians in Serbian Prisons: Kosovo's Unfinished Business

17045. On Currency Crises and Contagion

17046. Strengthening the International Financial Architecture: Where Do We Stand?

17047. Transatlantic Issues in Electronic Commerce

17048. Inflation, Monetary Transparency, and G3 Exchange Rate Volatility

17049. The New Asian Challenge

17050. Electronic Commerce in Developing Countries: Issues for Domestic Policy and WTO Negotiations

17051. International Economic Agreements and the Constitution

17052. International Cooperation and the Logic of Networks: Europe and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

17053. The Political Economy of Open Source Software

17054. Tools for Thought: What Is New and Important About the "E-conomy"?

17055. Creating Stability: National Preferences and the Origins of European Monetary System

17056. East-West Integration and the Changing German Production Regime: A Firm-Centered Approach

17057. “Social Democracy, Globalization and Governance: Why is there no European Left Program in the EU?”

17058. The Legal Construction of Membership: Nationality Law in Germany and the United States

17059. When Labour and Capital Collude: The Varieties of Welfare Capitalism and Early Retirement in Europe, Japan and the USA

17060. Challenges to Democracy in the Americas

17061. Observing the 1999 Elections in Mozambique: Final Report

17062. Forward Presence and Peacetime "Shaping": Comparative Analysis of Great Power Experiences

17063. Reevaluating the "Catalytic" Effect of IMF Programs

17064. The Internet in Turkey and Pakistan: A Comparative Analysis

17065. The Diffusion of the Internet in China

17066. A Proposal for an International Convention on Cyber Crime and Terrorism

17067. Civil Liberties in Cyberspace

17068. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Next Steps

17069. How Much Is Enough? A Risk-Management Approach to Computer Security

17070. Impact On Global Warming Of Development And Structural Changes In The Electricity Sector Of Guangdong Province, China

17071. The U.S. Enlargement Strategy and Nuclear Weapons

17072. A Verification Regime for Warhead Control

17073. An Alternative Framework for the Control of Nuclear Materials

17074. Women's Rights are Human Rites: Women's human rights activists as cross-cultural theorists

17075. 'So how do you do culture?': A workshop to discuss methodological approaches to studying culture in International Relations

17076. Syria and Weapons of Mass Destruction

17077. Defending America: Redefining the Conceptual Borders of Homeland Defense

17078. Managing the Global Nuclear Materials Threat: Policy Recommendations

17079. The Strategic Implications of Terrorism

17080. El TLCAN y la Inversióon Extranjera Directa: El Nuevo Escenario

17081. Coexistence, Consensus, Competition, Conflict: Interservice Contestation

17082. Pruebas Nucleares en el Sur de Asia: Las Razones y las Repercusiones

17083. Three and a Half Centuries of the Westphalian State System

17084. Drug Trafficking in US-Mexican Relations: The Politics of Simulation

17085. International Explanations for Stock Market Opening

17086. A Theoretical and Statistical Assessment of the Structural Reform in Latin America

17087. Brazil, India and South Africa: Three Pathways to Regional (In)security

17088. The Globalization of Property Rights: An Anglo and American Frontier Land Paradigm, 1700-1900

17089. Identity, Empathy and International Relations

17090. Globalization as the End and the Beginning of History: The Contradictory Implications of a New Paradigm

17092. The Public Life of the Arts in America

17093. Reweaving the Social Tapestry: Public Policies for American Families

17094. The Tobin Tax: How to Make it Real. Towards a Socially Responsible and Democratic System of Global Governance

17095. Dealing with the Past: The Case of Estonia

17096. Coming Home or Moving Home? "Westernising" Narratives in Finnish Foreign Policy and the Re-interpretation of Past Identities

17097. The EU and the prospects of Common Defence

17098. Blazing New Trails: Villagers' Committee Elections in P. R. China

17099. Crisis management the Finnish way – A state of the art report on practice and research

17100. The Korean Peninsula: Is Kim Dae-jung's Pursuit of a Korean Confederation Realistic?