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1. Xi Jinping’s Visit to France: Stumbling Blocks Pile Up on the Path of Bilateral Cooperation

2. Power and Financial Interdependence

3. South Korea’s Emergence as a Defense Industrial Powerhouse

4. Tracing the Roots of China’s AI Regulations

5. The Future of the Belt and Road in Europe: How China’s Connectivity Project is Being Reconfigured across the Old Continent – and What It Means for the Euro-Atlantic Alliance

6. Ensuring Energy Security and Carbon Neutrality: Implications for Korea

7. Fighting Against Internal and External Threats Simultaneously: China’s Police and Satellite Cooperation with Autocratic Countries

8. Moving on Up: Multilevel Monitoring and Advocacy for Health Rights

9. The Cross-Border Interbank Payment System: A Case Study in Chinese Economic Leadership

10. State Capitalism, Imperialism, and China: Bringing History Back In

11. China’s AI Regulations and How They Get Made

12. How Saudi Arabia Bent China to Its Technoscientific Ambitions

13. Reverse Modernization Analysis: Exploring a History of How Vested Interests Were Politically Marginalized before Modern Economic Development

14. India's G20 Presidency: Opportunity to Resume Engagement in the Arctic

15. Strengthening Regional Value Chain between India and South Korea: Emerging Opportunities for Trade and Investment Cooperation

16. Digital Sovereignty: European Policies, American Dilemmas

17. South Korea and IPEF: Rationale, Objectives and the Implications for Partners and Neighbors

18. How the War in Ukraine is Changing the Space Game

19. Japan and the Pacific Islands Countries. Longstanding Strategic Interests, Recent Strategic Engagement

20. China in the Race to Low Earth Orbit: Perspectives on the future internet constellation Guowang

21. The People Powering Japan’s Startup Ecosystem

22. How Indonesia Used Chinese Industrial Investments to Turn Nickel into the New Gold

23. What Should India Do Before the Next Taiwan Strait Crisis?

24. China’s Response to Türkiye’s Volatile Authoritarianism

25. US strategy and force posture for an era of nuclear tripolarity

26. The NewSpace market: Capital, control, and commercialization

27. United States–China semiconductor standoff: A supply chain under stress

28. China Becoming Globally More Active in the Security Sphere

29. Building a Coalition - the U.S. Faces Down Competition with China in the Chip Sector

30. China Adapts Policy in Response to Russia's Aggression Against Ukraine

31. Evolution, not Revolution: Japan Revises Security Policy

32. China’s quest for innovation: progress and bottlenecks

33. Global trends in countries‘ perceptions of the Belt and Road Initiative

34. China's Political-Economy, Foreign and Security Policy: 2023

35. The Pathway to an Effective ETS and Power Market Interaction: The Case of the Korean ETS

36. Taiwan Strait Crises: Island Seizure Contingencies

37. The Transition From an Intensity to an Absolute Emissions Cap in China’s National Emissions Trading System

38. Economic and Environmental Impacts of China’s New Nationwide CO2 Emissions Trading System

39. China, climate change and the energy transition

40. NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept. Analysis and implications for Austria

41. Digital China: The Strategy and Its Geopolitical Implications

42. South China Sea, East China Sea, and the Emerging US-Japan-Philippines Trilateral

43. The United States & Japan: Allied Against Disinformation

44. Understanding Alignment Decisions in Southeast Asia: A Review of U.S.-China Competition in the Philippines

45. Time to say goodbye? The impact of environmental regulation on foreign divestment

46. China as an International Lender of Last Resort

47. Enhancing small state preparedness: Risks of foreign ownership, supply disruptions and technological dependencies

48. Peninsula Plus: Enhancing U.S.–South Korea Alliance Cooperation on China, Multilateralism, and Military and Security Technologies

49. Technological Innovation and the Development of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Industry Based on Patent Value Analysis

50. What Japanese Tourism Amenities are Influenced in Terms of Affecting Inbound Tourist Demand?