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1. EU Strategic Autonomy in the Shadow of Geopolitical Rivalry: A View from Moscow

2. Russia’s Nationalities Policy before and after the 2020 Constitutional Amendments: Is the “Ethnic Turn” Continuing?

3. Hard security dynamics in the Baltic Sea region: From turbulence to tense stability

4. The Covid-19 pandemic in Russia: No applause for Putin’s political play?

5. Turbulence in arms control: Open Skies Treaty became a victim of the great power competition

6. Towards the 2021 Duma election: The Russian opposition needs strong leaders

7. Finnish foreign policy during EU membership: Unlocking the EU’s security potential

8. Digital authoritarianism in China and Russia: Common goals and diverging standpoints in the era of great-power rivalry

9. Uzbekistan’s new Central Asia policy: The economic rationale and political implications of good neighbourliness

10. The parliamentary election in Moldova: The end of European illusions

11. The Geostrategic Arctic: Hard security in the High North

12. The Brain drain from Russia: The Kremlinʼs double-edged sword

13. The end of nuclear arms control? Implications for the Nordic region

14. Regional elections in Russia: The Kremlin is tackling previous challenges while facing new ones

15. Global Britain's Arctic security policy: Going forward while looking back

16. US foreign policy tools in the era of disinformation: Deficiencies prevent effective response to malign information operations

17. Glitches in the Kremlinʼs politics of Fear: The dynamics of repression in Russia between 2012 and 2019

18. Russia and China in the Middle East: Playing their best cards

19. The Normandy Summit on Ukraine: no winners, no losers, to be continued

20. Holy Rus challenged: The conflict between Churches in Ukraine has consequences for Russia, Ukraine and the Orthodox world

21. The Challenges of NATO Nuclear Policy: Alliance management under the Trump administration

22. Russia-India relations: Long-term obstacles remain despite sectoral achievements

23. Crimea 2.0: Will Russia seek reunification with Belarus?

24. The European Dimension of Nuclear Deterrence: French and British policies and future scenarios

25. The Sino-Russian and US-Russian relationships: Current developments and future trends

26. Strategic deterrence redux: Nuclear weapons and European security

27. State-led Nationalism In Today's Russia: Uniting The People with Conservative Values?

28. How to succeed with a thousand TWh reform?

29. Forever a Pilot? Assessing the policy dialogue and project-based cooperation in energy efficiency between the EU and Russia

30. The political constraints on Russia's economic development: The visionary zeal of technological modernization and its critics

31. A normative EU policy towards China: Mission impossible?

32. Towards a new climate regime? Views of China, India, Japan, Russia and the United States in the road to Copenhagen

33. Russian pledge vs. business-as-usual: Impelementing energy efficiency policies can curb carbon emissions

34. Assesment of the Finnish-Russian Border: The Case of Vaalimaa Border Crossing Point

35. Hegemonic Project or Survival Strategy? Language Rights in the Former Soviet Space

36. Human rights cooperation between Russia and European intergovernmental organisations: a one-way transference of norms or a mutual process of adaptation?

37. The Relevance of Norms and Values in the EU´s Russia Policy

38. International transport corridors at the conjunction of geography and politics in Russia

39. What Is New About Today's EU-Russia Border?

40. Russia and Europe: A Finnish View

41. Russian Foreign Policy Think Tanks in 2002

42. From Yugoslavia to Iraq: Russia's Foreign Policy and the Effects of Multipolarity

43. At the Crossroads of Post-Communist Modernisation: Russia and China in Comparative Perspective

44. Soft security problems in Northwest Russia and their implications for the outside world. A framework for analysis and action

45. Two Reluctant Regionalizers? The European Union and Russia in Europe's North

46. The Evolution of Russian Grand Strategy -- Implications for Europe's North

47. A Security and Stability in Northern Europe – A Threat Assesment