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1. How Sweden Can Use its EU Presidency to Build the Civilian Security Dimension of the Eastern Partnership

2. Beyond European extraterritoriality, for legal intelligence and compliance in the service of sovereignty: A response to the extraterritoriality of foreign laws to safeguard fundamental European values

3. European energy solidarity: strengthening the EU’s crisibility

4. Can the EU still wrest the Balkans from their blighted history?

5. Geopolitical and Technocratic: EU International Actorness and Anne PINTSCH Russia’s War Against Ukraine

6. Europe as a power: now or never

7. Gender equality in Europe: a still imperfect model in the world

8. Rule of law: the uncertain gamble on conditionality

9. A return to grace for nuclear power in European public opinion? Some elements of a rapid paradigm shift

10. Judging Putin

11. Digital Sovereignty: For a Schuman Data Plan

12. The Élysée Treaty, FrancoGerman reconciliation and European integration: myth and reality

13. Higher Renewable Energy Targets in Germany: How Will the Industry Benefit?

14. Rebooting the Entente: An Agenda for Renewed UK-France Defense Cooperation

15. Food Systems in the Pacific: Addressing Challenges in Cooperation with Europe

16. Imagining Beyond the Imaginary. The Use of Red Teaming and Serious Games in Anticipation and Foresight

17. The challenges of the French Presidency of the Council

18. For a new European growth strategy

19. European sovereignty, strategic autonomy, Europe as a power: what reality for the European Union and what future?

20. "If only ageing Europe had taken the easy option of more immigration"

21. The European strategy for a 'New Deal' with Africa

22. Russia, Ukraine and international Law

23. The Eastern Partnership under the test of war in Ukraine

24. Has Europe’s hour come?

25. European unilateralism as a tool for regulating international trade: a necessary evil in a collapsing multilateral system

26. World food crisis: between withdrawal and responsibility, Europe must choose

27. Mine Action as a Confidence- and Security-building Measure in the OSCE Region

28. Quo Vadis, Belarus?

29. North Africa Can Reduce Europe's Dependence on Russian Gas by Transporting Wasted Gas Through Existing Infrastructure

30. Bridging U.S.-Led Alliances in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific: An Inter-theater Perspective

31. COVID-19 and Voter Turnout in Europe and in Korea

32. NATO and the South after Ukraine

33. The Case for Cooperation: The Future of the U.S.-UK Intelligence Alliance

34. Russia’s Losing Hand in Ukraine

35. French Special Operations What Is Their Role in the Context of Great-Power Competition?

36. The Sino-Lithuanian Crisis: Going beyond the Taiwanese Representative Office Issue

37. The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: A Piece in the Industry Decarbonization Puzzle

38. Digital Sovereignty Review of Macron’s Term and Debates in the 2022 Presidential Campaign

39. Saving Energy in a Hurry Reducing Dependence on Russian Hydrocarbons Requires Resolute Demand and Supply Sides Action

40. The EU’s Plan to Scale up Renewables by 2030: Implications for the Power System

41. Two Shades of Blue: Europe and the Pacific Islands, Strategic Partners in the Indo-Pacific Era

42. The Political Economy of the Metaverse

43. The European Union renews its offensive against US technology firms

44. Fiscal support and monetary vigilance: Economic policy implications of the Russia-Ukraine war for the European Union

45. Toward a Framework for Transatlantic Cooperation on Non-State Armed Groups

46. Attacks on Hospitals from Syria to Ukraine: Improving Prevention and Accountability Mechanisms

47. Time for Fresh Thinking on Northern Ireland and Brexit

48. The EU Digital Markets Act: Assessing the Quality of Regulation

49. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Has the Fairest Clauses of Us All? Stress-testing the Application of Mirror Clauses to Pesticides

50. Should the EU Pursue a Strategic Ginseng Policy? Trade Dependency in the Brave New World of Geopolitics