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14. Updating The EMU: Differentiated economic integration in the European Union

15. The Asset Quality Review and Capital Needs: Why re-capitalise banks with public money?

16. Net Neutrality and Mandatory Network-Sharing: How to disconnect the continent

17. Policy Lessons for Macroeconomic and Financial Crisis Management in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

18. Strong Governments, Weak Banks

19. The New European Framework for Managing Bank Crises

20. Pushing the Turbo Button: What Next for the Polishâ?"Romanian Strategic Partnership?

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23. The Spanish Hangover

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25. Implementing Basel III in Europe: Diagnosis and avenues for improvement

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29. Unholy compromise in the eurozone and how to right it

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32. The global crisis: Have we learned the right lessons?

33. The need for contingency planning: potential scenarios of Eurozone disintegration

34. Europe on the Brink

35. Turkey's 2000/1 Banking Crisis: A Case Study for the Transformation of the Greek Finance?

36. The Eurozone Debt Crisis: From its origins to a way forward

37. Only a more active ECB can solve the euro crisis

38. Sustainability of Greek Public Debt

39. Eurozone finally agrees a deal but uncertainties remain unresolved

40. Speculative Attacks within or outside a Monetary Union: Default versus Inflation (what to do today)

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42. US Lessons for the Eurozone: Restoring Confidence through Transparency

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44. External versus Domestic Debt in the Euro Crisis

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47. Restoring financial stability in the euro area

48. Debt reduction without default?

49. An evaluation of the French proposal for a restructuring of Greek debt

50. Lessons from the Asian Monetary Fund for the European Monetary Fund